Gran Canaria Airport Car Rental

Gran Canaria Airport Basics.....

There's actually only one commercial airport situated on the Islands of Gran Canaria - that is the Gran Canaria Airport, or LPA.  The airport is also known as the Las Palmas Airport and is the busiest on the island.  It ranks as Spain's 5th largest in terms of passenger count as well.  The Airport is situated on the East coast of the island.
Aeropuerto de Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Airport Car Rental.....

Car rental companies at the Gran Canaria Airport include Avis, Cicar, Goldcar, Europcar, Hertz and Top Car.  Many folks like to rent a car on the Gran Canaria Island and explore the entire area.  Some of the best areas on the island can only be reached via car - and a taxi just won't do, at least in many cases.

After landing at the Gran Canaria Airport you will find the car rental agents situated on the ground level.  There is a passageway between the European Union arrivals and the International arrivals.  The car rental areas are located in this passageway.  They are located on the ground floor, in the connecting passage between international arrivals and EU arrivals. 

Location of Rental Cars at the Gran Canaria Airport...

The actual vehicles are situated across and to the North of the terminal on the ground level.  You will simply be able to walk from the terminal area to your car, without need of shuttle.  You will see the rental car signs posted on the concrete parking structure right in front of you.  Locate your vehicle, take a few pictures (paying particular attention to any scratches or dings that the vehicle may have), and you're good to go.

Directions to Gran Canaria...

After getting in your vehicle of the car rental parking area, you will probably head North, thru a traffic circle.  The interior of the traffic circle may (or may not - depending on how you exit the airport) have some sort of monument in the center.  Continue North past a Cepsa petrol fueling station / car wash.  Right after the Cepsa station, you can exit onto CG-1 which travels on the outer edge of the island, from the bottom to the top - on the East Coast.


Gran Canaria Airport Car Rental Return...

When returning your rental car, remember the Cepsa Station on the right-hand side before returning the rental vehicle back to the Gran Canaria Airport.  However before you run up the hill to fill up the tank, you should know that many Spanish car rental companies are operating on a Full-Empty policy.  This means that you pick up the vehicle with a full tank of fuel and return it with an empty tank.  If this is the policy of the car rental company, then you obviously won't want to put any fuel back into the tank before returning the vehicle.  Check your fuel policy with the car rental agent before leaving in your rental car.

Of course, if your rental car operates on a full-full policy, then you will certainly want to refuel.  The Vespa near the exit, or the Texaco you see on the right-hand side before exiting towards the airport would both make excellent choices for re-fueling the rental.

Either way, once you get back to the airport, you will most likely enter where you exited originally.  Follow the signs back into the parking garage and you're good to go.  Before you leave the car, take a couple of pictures of the car - in the daylight if possible.  Hand the keys to an agent of the rental car company and catch your flight back home.  The whole process is fairly easy.

Driving a Rental Car on the Island...

As you drive your rental car on the island, there are a few things you might want to remember.

  • Don't get a traffic ticket.  Typically, if you get a ticket, you will have to pay the officer before he leaves the scene.  Police officers are allowed to collect up to 300 EUR at the scene.
  • Speed limits in Spain are as such:  120 kph on Motorways, 90 kph for country roads, 20 kph in residential areas, and 70 kph on other roads.
  • Wear a seat belt.  You can (and will) be fined for not wearing a seat belt in Spain.
  • When looking to park your rental car, don't park where there's a yellow line.  You will currently face a fee of 30 EUR.
  • Carry all of your driving documents.  In the case of a car rental, make sure you have your rental contract in your possession to show the local police - just in case.


  Gran Canaria


Types of Rental Vehicles at the Gran Canaria Airport.....

Rental cars at the Gran Canaria Airport are actually fairly cheap.  You can pick up a small mini, all inclusive, no excess rental car for a little over 10 EUR.  On the other end of the spectrum is a Nissan Pathfinder for about 80 - 90 EUR per day - all inclusive.  In between are several types of rental cars.  Economy cars, compact cars, standard vehicles, minivans and minibuses, and exotic convertibles are all typical available at the airport.  You'll also have your choice of gasoline, diesel, manual and automatic transmissions to choose from.
Source: Gran Canaria Airport Homepage

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