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When speaking about Georgia, it’s best to keep in mind that the Rose Revolution wasn’t even ten years ago. While the revolution was bloodless and backed by an overwhelming portion of the Georgian population, there were still those loyal to the old system. It’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be, but there is still a bit of civil unrest in the area. If you’re planning on visiting this recently reformed nation, then you may want to pay close attention to the following information. We’ll be focusing primarily on the driving conditions, rules and regulations for all those wishing to rent a car and explore Georgia for themselves.

First and foremost, traveling to South Ossetia and Abkhazia is greatly discouraged. Due to civil unrest and separatists in the area, it has been deemed as being unsafe to foreigners. Tension is still high and foreigners are easy targets for criminal elements in the region. Keep away from the Administrative Boundary Lines of these two areas and you’ll be less likely to have a negative and/or harmful experience during your stay.

You also may want to steer clear of the political section of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. The area has seen various terrorist threats during the early months of 2012. Unless you’re visiting on political business, keep to the touristic areas of town. Protests are a regular occurrence in Georgia. In order to stay safe, stay out of them. You never know when a peaceful protest could turn violent.

You should always drive cautiously and avoid driving at night whenever possible. Due to a bit of fighting that took place in August 2008, you should be aware that there is a mild risk of unexploded ordinance in Georgia. The likelihood of you crossing paths with anything of the sort is extremely low, but don’t go messing with any objects that may look foreign or dangerous in nature.

Georgia is currently in the middle of getting its traffic laws in order. The country just recently made driving with a seat belt on mandatory, but normally illegal acts such as speaking on a mobile phone are still legal. Also, despite many new traffic laws now in existence in Georgia, many of the locals choose not to adhere to the traffic laws whatsoever. This includes simple acts such as stopping at a traffic light or allowing crossing pedestrians priority.

Laws and situations are always subject to change. Ask the attendants at the car rental company you choose if there are any recent developments you should be aware of. All you need to drive in Georgia is either a European Union driver’s license or a Georgia license, insurance is currently not required. Speeding limits, unless otherwise marked, are sixty kilometers per hour in city areas and eighty kilometers per hour outside city areas. Georgia also has a zero tolerance policy towards drunk driving, meaning you aren’t legally permitted to drive with any alcohol in your system whatsoever.

Don’t be dissuaded by recent events. Tourists who travel to Georgia still report great experiences all around. Just be a little cautious, drive defensively, and use some common sense during your stay.

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