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Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport.....

The Genoa (GOA) Airport also known as the  Cristoforo Colombo Airport is the gateway to Northwestern Italy's Liguria region as well as  Savona, Pegli, Varazze, Arenzano, Voltri, Rapallo.  Genoa serves over 5 million passengers per year and most of the well known airlines fly in and out of this airport providing stop overs for major European destinations as well as the principal destination.The city of Genoa is a very important northern Italy seaport with a population of 600,000 in the city. It is called “the superb one” because of it's well-known past. It's rich in architecture, music, art, history as well as gastronomy.
Aeroporto di Genova - Cristoforo Colombo

Car Rentals and Destination Guide.....

Most of the major car agencies are represented including Avis, AutoEuropa, Easy Car, Europcar, Hertz, Maggiore and TravelCar.  Each company has a presence near the exit of the terminal in the arrivals hall, by the baggage claim area.  The rental car parks are in front of the terminal, nestled between the P1 and P3 car parks.  As you exit the terminal area, the car rental park is on the left half of the car parks that you see in front of you.  Once you pick up your car, there's easy access to and from the city center to enjoy all the sites and scenery Genoa has to offer.  Directions to the city center are the following:
You can pick up your car as you leave the main terminal.  Get on Via Pionieri e Aviatori d'Italia toward Rotonda Giuseppe to get out of the airport.  Head north on Via Pionieri e Aviatori d'Italia toward Rotonda Giuseppe Castruccio.  Just follow it around the terminal areas of the airport. It's about 1 km moving through the airport to make your way out on the way to Genoa.  Make sure you stay to the right to stay on the street.  Also, when you reach the traffic circle also stay to the right.  As you move further along, the road will divide into two separate lane of which you will want to take the left side.  This is the ramp to Via Angelo Siffredi/SP1.
Shortly, you will reach a fork and you'll want to veer off to the right.  There will be an overhanging white sign that says Centro Cornigliano.  Keep following the road because it will go for about 2.5 km.  You want to turn right onto Via San Pier d'Arena/SP1 and then turn left onto Lungomare Giuseppe Canepa/SP1.  Follow Lungomare Giuseppe Canepa through a traffic circle.  Go through another traffic circle as you will see a rail station on the right side of the road.  After around 1.5 km you'll get to a stop sign and you'll want to make a right onto E25.  Then veer off taking the ramp to Nervi and after following it along you'll merge onto Strada Aldo Moro. Stay on Strada Aldo Moro for around 3km and it will take you on the outskirts of the city by the harbor.

Make sure you exit onto the Via delle Casaccie turnoff and turn right on Via delle Casaccie. Make another right onto Via Ettore Vernazza it/s a one way street that will wrap around and cross through Via delle Casaccie again. Follow it to Piazza Raffaele De Ferrari and will have reached the main center of town.

When returning your rental vehicle you will definitely want to re-fuel before getting back to the airport.  A full tank will definitely save you money.  There is an Agip Fueling station on the right-hand side of the Via Cornigliano road, about 1 to 1.5 km from the airport terminal.
Panorama di Genova (aeroporto)

Amenities at the Airport.....

There are many shopping and eating opportunities while you are waiting for your flight at Genoa Airport. You have the Chef Express and also the Moka Bar that offer a large selection of food and drink. There's also a small market to find many Italian products for your enjoyment.  There's also self service foods as well as a wine bar that offers beer and wine and the very popular “punto pasta”
Hotels Near the Airport.....

The Sheraton - This hotel is very near to the airport. In fact it's only a short distance from the main gate. It's a very large and modern hotel with 11 floors and 283 rooms. It has all the modern conveniences in both the rooms and on the premises.  It has a great fitness as well as business center and it's always hopping with conferences in the main ball room able to host 1000 guests.  You can't miss it.  It sits about 200 meters from the airport terminal.

Car Rental Destinations Distances.....

There are obviously many things to do in the area.  The Piazza De Ferrari is where you can view the Palace and Opera of the Doges.  There's also the house where the famous Christopher Columbus was supposedly born. Other sites include the old harbor that was changed into a mall, Staglieno, the famous cemetery known for its statues and monuments as well as the Oriental Art Museum  that has one of the largest collections of Asian art in Europe.  Genoa also boasts a very large aquarium located at the old harbor and an ancient lighthouse named “La Lanterna" (See old picture below) at Genoa's main port.
View towards the lighthouse Genoa - 06512v
Other nearby towns are also a common destination of Genoa Airport Arrivers.  For most folks, they're eventually going to end up in Genoa.  However, others have something else in mind.  For those, we have put together a list of nearby towns and the distances needed to get to those towns.  All distances are from the airport, and are only estimates.

Genoa 11km
Milan 140 km
Turin 164km
Alessandria 83km
Serra Riccò 18km
Mignanego 18km
Sant'Olcese 18km
Savona 46 km
Asti 112 km
La Spezia 112km

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