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Gare du Nord Basics.....

The busiest railway station in all of Europe belongs to the Gare du Nord - situated in the heart of Paris.  The station got off the ground about the time of the U.S. Civil War began - 1861.  Fast forward about 160-something years, and although things have changed at the Gare du Nord, it still looks very, very old.  The same bricks that were used so long ago are still in place, it still has that same old look and feel.

gare du nord

Gare du Nord Car Rentals.....

Avis, Europcar, Budget, Sixt, Hertz, and Alamo each offer car rental services at the station.  The agents representing these car rental companies are situated near the fourth and fifth platforms, on the -1 level.  This simply means they can be found one level below the street level when you arrive.  Once you find your agent, you will want to ask specifically where the car is located, and just as importantly, where it should be returned.  Agents will normally be very helpful in describing the directions for your exit and return.

The hundreds of rental cars are generally housed in two different parking areas - and with all of the vehicles, you may have a choice of vehicle as long as it's the same category as your original car rental booking.  Because there are so many vehicles at the Gare du Nord, the car rental companies utilize two different parking areas.  Most often, your vehicle will be located at level -6 (meaning six levels below street level), underneath the actual station.  But some vehicles (I think Sixt is one) are parked to the Northwest of the Gare du Nord at the Park Vinci Lariboisiere, underneath an old hospital (see picture below).  You can certainly walk from the station to the Vinci Lariboisiere parking area to retrieve your vehicle, and if you pick up your vehicle at the Vinci Lariboisiere, you should make sure that you return it there as well. 

If you pick your vehicle up at the parking lot underneath the station, then you'll want to return it there as well.  To do so, you will find the return entrance near the station.  If you were to drive right in front of the station to the West, you would go to the end of the block and turn left.  At this turn, you would see a McDonald's restaurant.  As you turn left, you would see the car rental companies' signs to your left (near the McDonald's building).  Simply drive down the tunnel towards the underneath car parking area. 

Service Stations Near the Gare du Nord.....

To refuel before returning your rental car, we generally recommend a couple of different options - depending on which way you're coming from.

  • Coming from the East:  There is a Total Station about 2 or 3 blocks, due East of the Gare De L'est.  There is a circle park with seven road hubs shooting directly from the center park.  Take the one that travels North and there you will see the Total Station about a half a block up the road, on the right.
  • Coming from the North:  From the North, there is a Total Station and a Shell Station on the East side of Rue de la Chapelle road.  This road runs parallel with the tracks coming into the station from the North.

Good Eating Near the Gare Du Nord.....

About 700 km from the front of the Gare Du Nord is a little restaurant called Hugo.  It is a very unassuming little place that serves great food, at an even better price.  When walking out of the front of the station, find Rue la Fayette to the left, near the Square Montholon and walk down it until you approach Rue Papillon on your left.  Walk about 50meters down Rue Papillon until you get to little Hugo on the left-hand side.  The Hugo serves some fantastic French food at a very, very good price. 

Hugo Restaurant

Other Gare Du Nord Car Rental Considerations.....

Most cars located at the Gare du Nord are priced fairly reasonably.  However, always assume that it's going to cost a little more to rent a vehicle at a train station than it will at some other non-station, non-airport location.  But you do get some convenience with renting a vehicle here.  An International Driver’s License (IDL) will be needed if the renter’s national license is not in Roman alphabet (Chinese, Russian, or Arabic for example).

Source: Wikipedia Gare de Nord

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