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Gare de Lyon Basics.....

Handling almost 100 million passengers per year, the Gare de Lyon ranks as the 3rd busiest train station in all of France.  The station is situated in the city of Paris (12th arrondissement), but is named after the city Lyon, where many passengers eventually travel to.  The station (and the tracks coming into the station) sits parallel - and to the North - to the River Seine.

I find most train stations to be very neat experiences.  The Gare de Lyon has to be close to the top.  If there's one place that you need to visit while traveling thru the Gare de Lyon, it is a restaurant called the Le Train Bleu.  The restaurant (and the station itself) was built for the 1900 Universal Exhibition.  Below is some rare video footage of the even that took place over 100 years ago.

Gare De Lyon Car Rentals.....

Several car rental companies exist at the station, including Europcar, Sixt, Thrifty, Avis, Alamo and Hertz.  Sixt vehicles should be picked up and dropped off under the large clock exalted at the Southwestern corner of the station.  You can access the Sixt garage on the backside from 190 Rue de Bercy.  If you're driving from the Seine River, you will stay right on Gentry (don't go into the tunnel) and you'll run right into it.

Other car rental pickup and dropoff locations are situated on the same road (Rue de Bercy), but on the opposite side of the road.  The parking garage also sits on the South side of the station.  If you exit out of the station near the M platform, you'll see the car rental signs on the building opposite the station.  The garage sits just below an overhead walkway, and usually, there are several motorcycles for hire near the garage entrance.  As always, we recommend that you speak with your agent about how to get out of the area, and just as important, how to get the car back to the parking garage - wherever it is.  Getting out of the area isn't too difficult.  Just watch for the one-way streets and get good directions before you start driving.  After you start down the road, it's usually too late to formulate a plan.

Rental Car Near the Gare De Lyon

Service Stations Near the Gare de Lyon.....

Getting fuel before returning your rental car back to the parking garage usually makes good sense.  Fortunately, there are a few choices that could help with this plan.  Here are a couple of our favorites:

  • From the South on Quai d'Ivry:  This one is on the South side of the Seine River as you approach the station.  Just after you go underneath the E15 - E50 overpass, you will run into an unmanned Total Station on the right-hand side.  It's far enough away from the station as not to be too congested, but close enough to keep yout tank full as you return the car.  
  • From the North on Ave. Ledru Rollin:  This one is also unmanned, and consists of only a couple of pumps next to the road.  Av Ledru Rollin shoots off Southward from a traffic circle North of the station.  The Voltaire Boulevard and the Rue de la Roquette intersect at the traffic circle as well.  The pumps are about 100 meters South of the traffic circle.

Other Gare de Lyon Rental Car Considerations.....

Just about any type of vehicle can be rented from the Gare de Lyon Station.  SUV's, economy cars, 7-passenger and 9-passenger minivans, and luxury cars all have their place at this station.  GPS's can be added on to any vehicle, and we generally recommend it.  Driving in Paris is difficult enough with a GPS, I can't imagine it without.

Driving in Paris isn't for the faint of heart.  Most drivers are rude, the lanes can be narrow, and the signage can be non-existent.  It's not any worse than Boston, or London, so it can be done.

Finally, we want to thank you for visiting our site.  We hope you learned something about renting a car at the Gare de Lyon Station!

Source: Wikipedia Gare de Lyon

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