Gainesville Airport Car Rental

Gainesville Regional Airport Background…

Gainesville Regional got its start by way of the Works Project Administration project in 1940. By 1941 construction at the airport was complete and it was ready to open. Unfortunately, there was one problem-World War II. The United States Army Air Corps took over the airport immediately after its construction and named it Alachua Army Airfield. The field was closed soon after the war and changed hands a couple times before it was given to the City of Gainesville in 1948.

When it first opened the airport was known as both the John R. Allison Airport and Gainesville Municipal Airport. However it quickly became better known as the latter and took on its role as such as it improved over the years. The airport was renamed what it is today in 1977 in order to gain national recognition for its regional service to the area. The airport was operated by the city until it created the Gainesville-Alachua County Regional Airport Authority in 1986. Since then it has seen a regular increase in passengers for the most part.

Gainesville Regional Airport Car Rentals…

The airport’s passengers are served by six of the eight nationally acclaimed car rental companies located throughout the airports around the United States. The six you’ll be able to choose from are Alamo, Avis, Budget, Hertz, Enterprise, and National. The counters are all located on-site near the baggage claim area within the main terminal. If you find yourself unable to locate the counter you want, consult a nearby directory or airport employee for help.

Once you’ve signed all the rental agreements required of you, you’ll be handed the key to your vehicle and directed towards the rental car lot just outside the airport. The lot is situated just to the west of the terminal – on the same side of the road.  To get there, simply walk out of the front of the terminal, and turn to your right.  Walk down the sidewalk and the rental car lot will be right there – you can’t miss it.

Inside the Gainesville Airport

Gainesville Airport Directions to Gainesville Downtown…

Florida is one of the three most visited states in the United States, the other two being California and New York. Gainesville is one of the larger cities in Florida, but it’s located away from all the main tourist attractions. If you’re looking to avoid all the usual beach-goers and amusement park lines, then Gainesville might just be the place for you. Who knows, maybe the other small town that owns a chunk of the airport, Alachua, is more your speed.

To get to the heart of Gainesville you’re going to have to exit the airport via Airport Entrance road. I know, you’ve got it nailed into your skull never to exit via an entrance, but here is the exception to the rule. In order to head into Gainesville you’re going to need to move southwest. If you take the other exit from the airport you’ll end up going northeast a few miles before you’re able to turn towards the direction you need to go in. Airport Entrance will lead you out to NE 39th Ave, onto which you’ll need to take a right. At the first major intersection, where NE 39th Ave meets NE Waldo Rd, take a left. Waldo Rd will eventually end into University Ave. Take a right onto University Ave and you’ll be in Downtown Gainesville when you reach where it intersects with Main St.

Restaurants Near the Airport…

One little restaurant that might be worth visiting is a little Pizzeria called Satchel’s Pizza.  Once you get onto NE Waldo Rd, drive about a mile and then turn right onto NE 23rd Ave near the BP Station.  Satchel’s is on the right-hand side of the road about 3/10ths of a mile down the road.  It looks like Sanford and Son’s from the outside, but by most accounts, serves some pretty good pizza.   There might be a wait, as many folks agree on the taste and sheer fun of the place, but I’ll let you decide if it’s worth it.

Satchel's Pizza

And to the University of Florida…

Continue down University Ave some more and turn left onto SW 13th St. Turn right onto Museum Rd after a couple tenths of mile and you’ll find yourself in one of the top universities in the country, the University of Florida. The college’s mascot is a Gator and I highly suggest you don’t say a single negative world about the Florida Gators during your stay in the Gainesville area. Many Floridians take college American football very seriously, especially those who live in major collegiate epicenters.

Other Car Rental Options at Gainesville Regional Airport…

Rental car types available at the Gainesville Regional will include the basic economy-type vehicles, but also SUVs, luxury cars, and minivans as well.  Use our booking engine above to see exactly what is available to you at the airport.

The airport sees a lot of seasonal traffic during college American football season. If you’re planning on visiting the city anytime during the fall or winter, you better make a reservation as far in advance as you can or else you’ll probably end up with a vehicle you don’t want. The rental fleet at Gainesville Regional Airport is well equipped, but doesn’t have a lot of quantity. It’s first come, first serve. So make sure you’re the first there before you end touch-down on the airport’s tarmac.

Other Car Rental Locations in the Gainesville Area…

At the Paramount Plaza Hotel in the south part of the city is an Avis location.  The hotel sits just to the east of the Bivens Arm Nature Park – a small nature-trail type area in the Southern part of Gainesville.  The Avis location is addressed at 2900 SW 13th St.  See the picture above.

Another car rental location sits at 2600 N Main St. at the Palm Chevrolet dealership. Enterprise offers a variety of vehicles at this location.
Source: Gainesville Regional Airport

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