Yosemite Airport Car Rental

Yosemite International Airport Background…

The original airfield, called Hammer Field, was built by the United States Army Air Force in 1942. Commercial flights began in 1947, when the field was handed over to the City of Fresno and renamed Fresno Air Terminal. Everything ran smoothly for the airport over the next forty years. Then, in 1988, it received a designation as an “International Point of Entry”, which allowed international flights to start flying to and from the airport.

The name was changed to Yosemite International in an attempt to attract tourists to the major attraction Fresno has to offer, Yosemite National Park. Yosemite International has seen numerous expansions and additions over the decades. It was the first airport to implement anti-terrorist facial recognition software after 9/11, supports a two level concourse building that is barely a decade old and a Federal Inspection Facility that was completed in 2006. Today the airport services just over a million passengers and conducts almost two hundred thousand aircraft operations each year.

Welcome To Fresno

Yosemite International Airport Car Rentals…

The airport is supported by seven car rental companies that offer their services to all passengers. The seven you have to choose from are Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Hertz, Enterprise, and National. All rental counters can be found near the baggage claim area of the terminal. The actual rental vehicles are situated in a lot right across from the terminal.  As you walk out of the front of the terminal, you will see each car rental company represented with various vehicles in the lot.

Yosemite Airport to Fresno Downtown Directions…

Now that you’ve signed all the required rental forms, dotting your “i”s and crossing your “t”s, and have picked up your vehicle outside the baggage claim area or the parking garage, your rental agency’s sales representative will be able to give you further directions after purchase, you’re ready to head out towards downtown Fresno, California. Start by exiting via N Gateway Blvd, the only way out of the airport, and take a right onto E. Clinton Way.  Stay on it for about three miles until you get to First Street, then take a left on First and drive all the way to the city center.

To get to Yosemite National Park, follow the same route but turn right on First Street, then a left on Shields a few hundred yards later at the stoplight.  Drive about one-half of a mile and then make a right onto 41-North all the way to the park.

Yosemite tunnel on Hwy 41

Yosemite Airport Car Rental Return…

Getting back to the airport isn’t difficult – no matter which way you are coming from.  If you’re coming from either direction mentioned above, simply reverse the directions and travel back.  You shouldn’t have any trouble getting back.  Watch for the little blue signs after pulling into the airport road as they will direct you on which lane you will use to return the rental vehicle.  Simply drive into the surface parking lot, and to the company of your rental car.

Gas stations are scattered all around the airport. You’d pretty much have to try in order to not run into one on your way back. There are two on N Peach Ave and a couple on the northern end of N Clinton Ave. You’ll also find some stations on N Chestnut Ave and N Clovis Ave.

Other Airport Amenities…

The airport pretty much offers all you would expect from your average international airport. The usual restaurants and gift shops can be found spread throughout the main terminal and concourses. Shuttles to and from nearby hotels are also readily available. If you happen to take a look at the airport online, you may find a map that lists a golf course located at the airport. The course hasn’t been maintained in a while and is no longer accessible.

Other Car Rental Options at Yosemite International Airport…

The only other metropolis that rivals California is the New York City area on the other side of the nation. Anytime you visit a major metropolis, having a GPS is a must. All seven companies offer GPS services of some kind that only add about ten to twelve dollars a day to your rental price. These GPS services all track traffic and roadway maintenance operations in real time, giving you the quickest route to and from your destination no matter what conditions may present themselves. Also, don’t forget to reserve your rental ahead of time to ensure you get the vehicle you want most before someone else has a chance to snag it.
Source: Fresno Airport

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