Frankfurt Airport Car Rental

Airport Basics.....

The Frankfurt Airport has the advantage and distinction of being in the heart of European travel.  Currently, the 3rd busiest airport in Europe (behind London's Heathrow and France's Roissy), the Frankfurt also could boast at being in the world's top 10, based on the criteria that matters - passenger count.  And, over 150,000 passengers go thru the Frankfurt Airport every day.  This is one large airport, and it's only getting bigger.


The Frankfurt Airport utilitarian look


Car Rental at the Frankfurt Airport.....

When hiring a car at the Frankfurt Airport, you will have many choices.  For starters, though, you will have two different terminals from which to work with.

Terminal One:  Here you will find companies such as Alamo, Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, National and Sixt in the A & B areas of Level One in the Arrivals area.  And in Terminal Two you will find companies such as Advantage, Avis, Alamo, Budget, Enterprise, Europcar, Hertz, National, Sixt and Terstappen.  These desks will be located in the D Section on the 2nd Level in the Arrivals area.

Car Rental Return...

Here's a tip when returning your rental car.  First, it's not the easiest place in the world to return.  If you drive slowly when returning your car to the facility, you'll have a better chance of seeing the signs that you need to see to get the car to the correct area.  The return is actually an underground parking area, where areas are designated by car rental company.  By the way, you can return the car to either Terminal #1 (look for parking area # 30-33) or Terminal #2 (look for parking area # 8) - regardless of which terminal you actually rented the vehicle from.

Of course, the problem with dropping off at the wrong terminal is that you may have to trek for several minutes to the opposite terminal to catch your flight.  But if you're not rushed, that may be OK.  Finally, we always recommend delivering the keys to the front desk, as to eliminate any risk of handing off the keys to a person acting like a car rental employee.

Other Car Rental Options (Off-Site)...

Often Airport car rentals (in any location) will be higher than 'off-airport' locations.  For example, some folks like to hire a taxi at the airport, ride to a nearby community called KelsterbachUse, then hire a car without the traditional airoprt fees.  Just make sure that the vehicle you hire at Kelsterbach doesn't actually contain the airport fee.  When you use our booking engine, you will be able to find out the embedded costs that rental car companies typically charge.  It never hurts to compare Frankfurt Airport car rental prices against downtown locations.  You may be able to get downtown for a few bucks, then reserve a downtown rental car for a much better price, even after paying the fee to get there.  It doesn't cost anything to find out.


Night at Frankfurt airport

Frankfurt Airport Restaurants.....

The Frankfurt Airport has scores of restaurants from large to small, from fast food to sit-down fine dining.  From an the Italian Illy at the Terminal 1, Area A, Level 3 to an Erster Weiner (located in Terminal 1, Area C, Level 1), there is something for everyone.

One restaurant that gets a quite a bit of due respect is the Steigenberger Avance Hotel (right at the Frankfurt Airport) restaurant.  The restaurant is named Neue Untere Schweinsteige, or for English speaking folks, the New Lower Pig Climber.  Ready to eat yet?  The restaurant actually holds the look and feel of an old hunting lodge.  The Sunday brunch is very popular, and a good-sized terrace for buffets and grill parties is generally available.  You can get to the hotel via their 24-hour shuttle service from Terminal 1 (exit A1) or Terminal 2 (Exit E).  Shuttle service generally runs every 15 minutes.

Frankfurt Airport Restaurants.....

Besides those mentioned above, the Frankfurt Airport has tons of things to like.  Wanna bet?  How about two different casinos, both in Terminal One?  The first in Area C, Level 2 and the other (Player's Island) in Area B, Level 0.  Cleaners, well-being stores, and hair dressers are located in both terminals.  Shopping (for just about anything) is all over the board.  Duty-Free shops, selling cigars, make-up, perfume, and booze dot the facility as well.


Rental Car Driving Distances.....


When coming out of the Frankfurt airport in your rental car, following the signs will be helpful.  Having said that, it's not that difficult.  Driving in Germany may be a different story, however.  They key is to obey the law.  If a sign shows a speed limit of 100 km/h, then don't go faster than that.  You may be ticketed for going 105 km/h, with a fine ensuing.  Also, when approaching a flashing yellow light in your rental car, you'll need to stop.  If no one is coming the other way, you may then proceed.

Below, we have calculated some car rental driving distances for your review.  Please note that these are only estimates, and not exact distance measurements.  We generally recommend reserving a GPS when booking a rental car, for many reasons.  These driving distances are from the Frankfurt Airport.

Palmengarten, 16 km.
Senckenberg Natural History Museum, 16 km.
Frankfurt Romans 14 km.
Frankfurt Zoo, 14 km.
Goetheturm, 10 km
Cathedral of St. Bartholomew, 14 km.
Mainz, 31 km
Weisbaden, 30 km.
Koblenz, 116 km.
Mannheim, 116 km.
Kassel, 199 km
Göttingen, 238 km.
Erfurt, 263 km

Types of Rental Cars Available.....

The Frankfurt Airport will have the usual cars available.  Compacts, Mercedes, and Minivans will all be available generally.  Occasionally, out of stocks occur.  To lessen your chance of this happening to you, book early. 


Source: Frankfurt Airport Homepage

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