Fort McMurray Airport Car Rental

Fort McMurray Airport Background…

Fort McMurray Airport is one of those forward-thinking airports that you come across every now and again. I don’t mean that the airport does anything innovative or futuristic-like, it doesn’t. What I mean is that the airport doesn’t seem to care much for the past. The history of the airport isn’t very well known and the airport doesn’t really care to talk about the past. Instead, the airport likes to look towards the future. You really can’t blame them for doing so with such a promising future ahead of them.

The City of Fort McMurray currently holds about seventy-thousand residents. However, the airport services more than six and a half thousand passengers each year. No, that’s not a typo. Despite its small town location, the airport was the seventeenth busiest in Canada in 2007-quite a feat for an airport without an air traffic control tower. Due to the large number of passengers, the airport built its first control tower in 2009 and is currently planning a massive expansion project to deal with the ever-growing passenger numbers.

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Fort McMurray Airport Car Rentals…

The airport is serviced by four renowned international car rental companies. Avis, Budget, Enterprise and Hertz are all located on the airport grounds within the main terminal for your convenience. This may change with the upcoming additions to the airport, so I’d advise checking one of the directories or asking an employee for assistance upon landing just in case. What isn’t likely to change is the rental lots proximity to the rental counters.

No matter how the airport ends up in terms of its parking lot placement, the rental cars will still be located outside of the terminal.  The airport isn’t big enough to require a shuttle, so just walk out of the terminal, locate the rental car area and you’re good. Once you receive the keys to your vehicle you’ll be directed to its parking spot in the rental lot and ready to make your way toward Fort McMurray.

Directions to Downtown...

The City of Fort McMurray is the only one around for miles. There are a few small towns around the city’s perimeter, but outside of those the snowy landscape stretches for hundreds of miles in all directions-hence why everyone flies out to Fort McMurray.

The airport is located well outside the city, leaving all travelers with a twenty minute drive after landing that starts by following Township Road 884A west out of the airport. Also known as Airport Rd, the name of the road will change to Township Road 884B before ending into Alberta 69. Turn right and you’ll end up on AB-69 W, which you’ll follow for about four kilometers before it ends into AB-63. Turn right onto the new highway, which will be AB-63 N, and in a little more than three kilometers that road name will change into Memorial Dr. You’re going to follow Memorial Dr through Fort McMurray until you’re just about to leave out the other side of the city then turn right onto Morrison St. Take your second right after that onto MacDonald Ave and you’ll find yourself in Downtown Fort McMurray.

A&W Sign - Downtown Fort McMurray, Alberta

Fort McMurray Airport Car Rental Return...

The closest gas stations to the airport are all found within the city, leaving you with little choice than to cross your fingers and hope you can make the twenty minute ride back with a full tank left. The stations closest to the airport are an Esso and local store off Memorial Dr soon after you cross the river into the city. However, they are hardly worth all the twists and turns. Turn right onto Hospital St from Memorial Dr, then left onto Franklin Ave and a kilometer or so later you’ll come across a Shell, Esso, 7-Eleven and more. The companies at the airport are pretty understanding about the fuel situation, but if you really want to make sure you get back with a full tank then pick up a gas can and fill it before you head back to the airport. Fill your tank with the spare gas before you return it and you’ll be good to go.

Other Car Rental Options at Fort McMurray Airport…

The area is a great eco-tourism area for people who enjoy the great white outdoors. If the cold is your thing then there are plenty of parks around the city to keep you busy. If you choose to do so, I highly recommend grabbing a GPS system from whichever company you choose to rent from. You don’t want to end up lost in the snow. 
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