Forli Airport Car Rental

Forli Airport Basics.....

The Forli Airport (FRL) or Luigi Ridolfi Airport serves Forli and the surrounding regions of  Emilia-Romagna in Northern Italy.  The town of Forli has many beautiful parks which also provide a chance to see theatrical performances. At Parco della Resistenza, you can go to the Teatro Diego Fabbri, a very popular theater that opened in 2000.  Forli itself is a very prosperous industrial as well as agricultural center who's industry is mainly rayon, silk, clothing, metals, household appliances and machinery.

Forli also has many things to offer. Some places to go are the following:

•    Piazza Aurelio Saff
•    Abbey of San Mercuriale (See Picture Below)
•    Dominican Church of San Giacomo Apostolo
•    Rocca di Ravaldino
•    Palazzo Hercolani
Abbey of San Mercuriale

Car Rentals and Driving Directions.....

The Forli Airport offers several choices, in terms of rental car companies.  These companies include Airent, Avis, Maggiore, Europcar, Savorani, AutoEuropa, T.Rent and Sixt.  Each are fine companies and will make you a great choice.  The car rental desks are situated in the arrivals area of the airport.

To get to the Forli's city center and back here are some directions to help you on your way.  From the main terminal it's a short walk out the door to pick up your car from all the car rental agencies that are available.  There's a walk way and a big red sign that will direct you the right way.  

After picking up your rental car head east toward Via Carlo Seganti out of the airport. It's an easy drive out. Exiting the airport, you'll turn right on Via Carlo Seganti. It goes for about a kilometer and you will pass through a turning circle. It's pretty much residential area and a two lane highway.  At the second traffic circle, go around and turn off on Viale Roma/SS9. You're going to go for about 2.7 km and will pass through 2 more turning circles along the way while  staying on Viale Roma/SS9. Just after the second traffic circle, Viale Roma/SS9 turns into Piazzale della Vittoria.  There will be a fork in the road and you'll want to stay to the left to remain on Piazzale della Vittoria. Then continue straight to get on Corso della Repubblica. Piazzale della Vittoria  does continue on by turning left. This turns into a one way street for the remaining 500 meters or so.  You have arrived in the city center. There's much to do and lots to see.

When returning your rental car back to the airport, you will definitely want to refuel your vehicle before returning it to the airport.  There will be an Esso Fueling Station on your right before you get back to the airport entrance road, or the Via Carlo Seganti road.  
Ascesa al potere

Hotels Near the Airport

The Hotel Paradise - This one is a walk away from the airport and is the ultimate in convenience. You're provided all the accommodations needed for a comfortable stay and they even have bike s to rent at the front desk if you'd like to explore the immediate area. Rooms include air conditioning and you also receive free parking. Rates start at 30 euros

The Hotel Michaelangelo - This hotel is a little further away (2.5 miles) but is still very close to the airport. It's been completely renovated and includes Satellite TV, Wi-Fi, free parking, minibar and private bathrooms. They provide a huge buffet breakfast everyday in the dining hall. Also, rental bikes and Internet service is always free at the hotel.  It's very affordable starting at 39 euros.

Car Rental Destinations Distances.....

There is a lot of open space around the city of Forli, most folks landing into the Forli Airport are headed to Forli itself.  However, Cesana is not far away and Rimini is fairly close as well (Except that Rimini has its own airport and car rental options).  For folks looking to travel to a different area, we have listed a few destinations and the distance it takes to get there.  

Forli 5.8 km
Cesana 18 km
Rimini 58 Km
Faenza 24 km.
Forlimpopoli 6 km
Ravenna 33.6 Km
Bologna 75.8 Km
Venice 229 Km
Pisa 258 Km
1002 Forli International Airport

Types of Rental Vehicles Available at the Forli Airport.....

Work trucks, high roof vans, minivans, SUV's, luxury cars, station wagons and regular diesel, manual-shift economy cars are generally available at the Forli Airport.  As always, pre-book your car to make sure that it'll be there when you are.  While you're at it, you might want to check out the line of GPS's to help you on your way.  Thanks for shopping with Eurocar Rental and we do hope you enjoy your Forli Airport Car Rental experience!!
Source: Forli Airport Homepage

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