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Driving a Rental Car in Finland.....

Ah Finland, a beautiful Nordic land with a rich cultural heritage that attracts people from all over the world. About six million tourists visit Finland each year, contributing almost two percent of the nation’s total gross domestic product, commonly known as GDP. While it does have interesting Viking roots, you could call Finland an eco-tourism vacation spot. People come from all over the world to view the two hundred thousand different breathtaking lake landscapes the country has to offer. Fishing, canoeing, reindeer and Santa Claus; what more could you ask for? While the attractions Finland have to offer are well worth their cost, many of which are free to the public, how much is getting to your destination quickly worth to you?

Don’t try to act like you don’t know what I’m talking about, we’ve all been there before. Your vacation plans don’t work out right, you go through painstakingly long lines at the airport, your flight leaves late, the rental car company gives you hassle, finally you get all your affairs in order and want nothing more than to get to the whole reason you decided to come to Finland in the first place and do a little speeding. The risk is worth the reward right? Worst case scenario you only end up paying the equivalent of an extra couple hundred dollars to make up time and start your period of pure relaxation - right? Wrong. In addition to be the beautiful land of lakes, Finland is also the land of the world’s largest speeding ticket. Wanting to get somewhere quickly could cost you a couple hundred thousand dollars.

How in the world is this justified? If you drive more than twenty kilometers per hour over the speed limit, the severity of your infraction isn’t the only item involved in your fine’s calculation. In addition to a fine range, your annual income is taken into account. The more you make, the more you pay.

This speeding fine system has been around for decades. It goes back to Finland’s severe Nordic roots and many people have thought it to be a rather fair practice, until now. Each year more and more Finnish people are standing up in outrage at the blatant legal thievery that occurs on a daily basis. The country makes more than forty million dollars in traffic fines each year, a number than continually rises, yet the number of traffic accidents and infractions stay the same. This is because more and more Finns are starting to do rather well for themselves and are starting to see the four-figure tickets they only used to read about.

Foreigners don’t have as much of a concern as locals. Since the implementation of the Computer Age, Finnish local have been unable to get away with simply lying about their annual income to questioning officers. Now the police simply plug in the person’s social security number into their phone to get the appropriate fine amount. Luckily, Finland doesn’t have the entire world’s tax information. When asked your income, make it as low as you want. Just be careful not to make your lie too obvious.

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