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Exeter Airport Information…

The Exeter airport sits about 10 km to the east of the city of Exeter and offers services all over Europe.  The airport commenced operations in the 1930’s, and like many airports at the time, was commissioned into The War in the late 30’s.  Commercial (civil) operations ceased for a time until the war was over.  The airport has seen modest growth ever since.  The airport currently runs slightly under 1 million passengers per year – both coming and going.

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Exeter Airport Car Rental…

Several car rental companies offer their services at the facility.  These include only the ‘big ones’ at this point.  Avis, Hertz, Europcar and Budget each offer a variety of rental vehicles for your Exeter Airport needs.  SUV’s, vans (typically both the 7-passenger and the 9-passenger), economy, and luxury cars are generally all available for booking at the airport.  Use our booking engine above to determine exactly what’s available.

Upon arriving at the Exeter, you will soon notice that the rental car desks are not set up within the main building of the terminal.  Instead, after picking up your bags, you will exit out of the front door of the arrivals area of the terminal, then turn slightly to your left.  There will be a white building about 30 meters to your left.  You will find that this building houses the rental car agents mentioned above.

Your car will most likely be found a further walk away.  You will probably have to walk out of the rental car building and travel back in front of the terminal to a parking area on the other side.  Hopefully it’s not raining as the entire walk will be uncovered to the elements.

Exeter Airport Directions to Exeter…

If you’re traveling to the Exeter area, you will hop in your rental and be soon directed to take a right-hand turn towards the city.  A white sign will be posted across the little road mentioning this fact.  You will be directed towards the A30 route.  Anyway, after turning right at this corner, you will drive for 1 km until you get to a traffic circle.  Upon arriving at the traffic circle, you will take the second exit where you will soon merge into A30 – again a little white sign planted in the grass explains it all.

Hop over the bridge and approach the next circle.  Take the second exit to the A30 ramp to Exeter.  You will drive on A30 for about 3.5 km.  You will come to the A3015 Ring road at the next traffic circle.  You should take the first exit off of the traffic circle onto A3015 (again, signage is pretty good up to this point.)  You should then drive for a little less than 3 km, when you will then approach another traffic circle at the Shell Station.  Take the 3rd exit onto Topsham Rd/A3015 at this circle.

Finally, this road will eventually take you all the way into the Exeter area.  Your total drive from the airport to the city center will take approximately 20 minutes depending on the traffic.  The traffic circles really present the only problem, but are fairly manageable for those who slow down and read the directions from the signage at ever decision point.

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Exeter Airport Car Rental Return…

Traveling back to the airport should prove to be about the same – except in reverse.  Unfortunately, you will find that there aren’t many petrol stations on the way back to the airport.  Therefore, you should probably fuel up when coming out of Exeter.  And as the entire trip is less than 20 km, it may not make much difference.  As fuel efficient as the rental cars are these days, you most likely won’t burn enough on the way back to make a difference.

Other Car Rental Options in Exeter…

The only other car rental location that we know if is situated at 8 Marsh Green Road.  There are quite a few options at this location in terms of the type of vehicle.  Vans are booked here fairly frequently.  This location is not far from the city center, so it might make a good choice for the right person.
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