Eugene Airport Car Rental

Eugene Airport Background…

During World War II Eugene Airport was created and used by the United States Army Air Force. In 1947 the airport saw its first regular commercial service, despite still being under the control of the United States military. In the early 1960s the airport was handed over to the City of Eugene and began slowly acquiring more regularly scheduled continental flights every so many years, the most recent of which being a flight to Honolulu whose service started in November 2012.

Eugene is the second busiest airport in Oregon, far behind the millions of passengers seen by Portland and just in front of Medford’s airport. The airport sports a parking facility that is looked after twenty-four hours a day. It was about two hundred and fifty short term parking spaces and a thousand long term spaces. During its busiest times of year the airport opens a five hundred space overflow parking lot that utilizes a shuttle service to and from the terminal for passenger convenience. The airport services more than seven hundred and fifty thousand passengers each year.

Eugene Airport

Eugene Airport Car Rentals…

There are six national rental car chains that offer their services to passengers of Eugene Airport; Alamo, Avis, Budget, Hertz, Enterprise, and National. All six counters can be located within the baggage claim area. If you’re having a hard time finding the rental counters, either consult a nearby directory or ask the nearest employee for directions. You’ll be asked to fill out all the proper rental agreements at the counter before being handed your keys and directed to the rental parking space number of car you’ve chosen.

Once you have your keys, you will walk right out of the front of the terminal and your car will be found in the parking lot right out front.  Walk across the road via the covered walkway, and your rental vehicle will be found in the parking lot to the left-hand side.  It is very easy, and if you have any questions, you’ll be directed there within a couple of minutes.

Eugene Airport to Eugene Downtown (and Portland, too)…

There are two reasons why Eugene’s airport is the second busiest in Oregon; because Eugene is the second largest metropolitan area in Oregon near the coast and because Eugene Airport is the second closest major airport to Portland. You’ll start your exit from the airport the same way everyone else has to, via Douglas, then via Northrup Dr. When the road forks you’ll want to follow it to the left as it changes into Airport Rd and then take Airport Rd all the way to Pacific Highway W. Take right and continue down the highway until it ends in a fork where you’ll be forced to merge left onto W 7th Ave since the other road is a one way street that goes back the way you just came. After driving about a mile down W 7th Ave you’ll have successfully made your way to the downtown Eugene area.

The easiest way to get to Portland is to continue down the same route we just discussed until you can turn left from W7th Ave onto I-105. You’ll want to hug right and follow I-105 East until you can exit and merge onto I-5 North. After a couple hours you’ll have followed I-5 North through Salem and all the way to the heart of Portland. It’s a long road but a nice scenic drive that can be enjoyed by those with a copious amount of vacation time.

Eugene Airport Car Rental Return…

Unfortunately Eugene Airport is one of those that doesn’t have hardly any gas stations within a three mile radius of its grounds. But, there is a 76 Gas Station on the right-hand side of the road on Pacific Hwy W traveling back to the airport.  The Station (see picture below) is about halfway between the downtown area of Eugene and the airport (or about 4-5 miles from Eugene downtown).

Otherwise, your best bet is to take I-5 to I-105 and refuel when you get off at the River Rd exit or the Barger Dr exit. Heading east on Barger Dr will take you to Pacific Highway W, which will direct you back to the airport. If you use River Rd, your best bet is to hop back on I-105 and use to Barger Dr exit to get back. It’ll take less time than using all the back roads.

76 Gas Station Near Eugene Airport
Source: Google Street View

Other Car Rental Options at Eugene Airport…

Of course, if you want to use all the back roads and really save yourself some time, then you’ll want to discuss GPS options with your rental company’s representative. In fact, a GPS system would be a really good idea if you’re looking to traverse the area extensive. It’s easy to get lost in the gridded maze of a metropolis, even a small one. If you’re headed to Portland then getting a GPS system is almost a mandatory necessity. Reserve one when you reserve your vehicle or you could end up sorry.
Source: Eugene Airport

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