Eastern Iowa Airport Car Rental

The Eastern Iowa Airport Background…

During the 1920s Cedar Rapids had a private airport called Hunters Field that was owned by Dan Hunter. The airport was mostly used for private flights, pilot training, and airmail, but it had a major flaw. Bad weather routinely grounded any and all flights. So, in response to this flaw, the Cedar Rapids Municipal Airport was built in 1944. It was controlled and maintained by the Cedar Rapids Park Department until the Cedar Rapids Airport Commission was created in 1945. By 1969, the airport was serving more than three hundred thousand passengers a year.

The terminal used today was first built in 1986. Eleven years later, in order to make its regional status more noticeable, the airport was renamed what it is today. In 2000 the airport broke one million passengers in a year for the first time and has continued to service more than seven figures every year since.

East Iowa Airport

The Eastern Iowa Airport Car Rentals…

There are five rental car companies located on-site: Alamo, Avis, Hertz, Enterprise, and National. All five counters can be found around the baggage claim area with relative ease. If you’re having a hard time, take a look at a nearby directory, they are scattered throughout the terminal, or ask a nearby airport employee for assistance.

After signing all the necessary rental agreement forms, you will be directed to your rental cars location in the nearby parking lot.  The actual car rental park is situated just to the East of the terminal.  To get to the vehicles, simply walk from the terminal thru the covered extension that juts out into the parking area.  Vehicles will be sorted by company, so you shouldn’t have much trouble at all finding them.

Eastern Iowa Airport Directions to Cedar Rapids and Iowa City…

Being a regional airport, it is centrally located so that you have a few destinations to choose from. Regardless of where you want to go though, you’ll have to leave the airport via Lippisch Pl SW, turning left when it forks into 18th St Sw. Drive for about two-tenths of a mile and then make a right onto Wright Brothers Blvd. Follow the road until you reach the I-380 on-ramp, and it’ll finally be time for you to make a decision.

If your final destination is Cedar Rapids, you’ll want to turn left onto I-380 North and follow the interstate until you cross the river and get to the 7th St exit. Turn right onto 7th St, left onto 1st Ave, and finally right onto 10th St, and you’ll be in downtown Cedar Rapids. If you’re trying to get to Iowa City instead, you’ll want to turn right at the I-380 on-ramp in order to get onto I-380 South. Follow I-380 South until you can exit and merge onto I-80 East. Stay on the interstate for a few miles until you can get off at 27th Ave and take a right from the off-ramp. Soon 27th Ave will fork into 2nd St, where you’ll want to take a left. Follow 2nd St for about five to seven miles until you can turn left onto Newton Rd, which will quickly turn into W Iowa Ave. Then take a left onto N Madison St, a right onto W Jefferson St, and you’ll have reached your destination of downtown Iowa City.

Iowa River

Cedar Rapids Airport Car Rental Return…

To get back to the airport, simply reverse the directions that you took away from the airport.  Remember, you will drop off your vehicle to the right, just after the terminal.  Return the keys to an employee of the car rental company that you booked with and you’re good to go.  By the way, always recommend taking pictures (a video is even better) of your vehicle as you drop it off.  I don’t know how many people have been saved by this practice.

But before you return the vehicle, you will want to re-fuel the tank somewhere close to the airport.  If you take the I-380 Wright Brothers Blvd exit to get to the airport, you should run into the closest gas station to the airport, which is a locally owned general store. If you’re coming from Iowa City via I-380 North, you can take the 120th St exit and refuel at either the Citgo or the BP that is located just off the exit. If you’re driving from Cedar Rapids to the airport via I-380 South, then your closest alternative option is the 33rd Ave exit. However, coming from Cedar Rapids does have quite a few other gas station filled exits along the way before 33rd Ave that would work just as well.

Other Car Rental Options at the Eastern Iowa Airport…

The car rental fleet at The Eastern Iowa Airport has slim pickings. It does have everything you could ask for; it just has pretty much one of each. Cars aren’t rented from the airport very much since most people looking to rent a vehicle during their vacation in the region often decide to fly into one of the airports closer to their final destination. If you want something specific, make a reservation or be willing to live with the consequences of not doing so.
Source: Cedar Rapids Airport

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