Deer Lake Airport Car Rental

Deer Lake Regional Airport Background…

Deer Lake Airport started back in 1953 due to a joint effort between the Bowater Organization and the Town of Deer Lake. The airport first opened in 1955 with a four thousand foot gravel airstrip that was slowly extended to six thousand feet before being repaved in 1978. The first regular commercial service at the airport began in 1956, about six months after the airport officially opened, and the first jet service ever offered was a Boeing 737 in 1969.

The first terminal building built at the airport was completed in 1963 and lasted for about twenty-seven years before construction began on a new terminal building that was finished in 1991. The second building didn’t last long though. In response to growing passenger numbers, the airport built the terminal that stands today in 2007, complete with everything needed to propel the airport into international status. The airport is currently undergoing further expansion plans to help facilitate local economic activity.

Deer Lake Airport

Deer Lake Regional Airport Car Rentals…

There are five international car rental companies that offer their services to the passengers of Deer Lake Regional Airport. The five on-site companies you have to choose from include Avis, Budget, National, Enterprise, and Thrifty. All five agencies are conveniently located within the main terminal buildings. The rental counters are situated between the two arrivals exit doors – just a few steps from the baggage claim area.  All are right there against the wall – in typical airport rental car fashion. 

 You’ll be handed your keys and directed to the rental lot just outside the airport once you’ve filled out all the rental paperwork your chosen company requires. After you’ve checked the car over for damage and a full tank you’ll be ready to head out into the Newfoundland area of Canada.

Airport to Deer Lake Directions…

There is only one road in or out of the airport. You’ll find it leads straight out onto the Tans-Canada Highway, onto which you’ll want to take a right. About four kilometers down the highway you’ll find yourself in the heart of Deer Lake. If you continue along the highway you’ll eventually reach Pasadena and Corner Brook. Don’t bother taking a left onto the highway, there is nothing that way for quite a while.

On your way back to the airport, you’ll find three gas stations to choose from. The first one is and Esso conveniently located in the heart of Deer Lake on the Trans-Canada Highway. The second is about halfway from Downtown Deer Lake and the airport, just before you drive past NL-430. The third gas station is another Esso that requires you to drive up NL-430 N a bit or be coming back via NL-430 S. Why would you head north? I’m glad you asked.

Deer Lake Airport Map

Gros Mourne National Park…

If you’re flying into Deer Lake Regional Airport then there is a good chance you’re looking to visit Gros Mourne National Park, the second largest park in Canada that is home to the second highest mountain peak in Newfoundland. Deer Lake Regional is the closest airport to the park and there is little else around beside eco-tourist attractions.

To get to the park you’ll have to follow the same directions as if you were going to Deer Lake, but before you get there you need to turn onto NL-430 N. Follow the Autoroute for a little more than sixty-five kilometers and you’ll come across the small town of Rocky Harbour. The town is located inside the park, making it a great central location for anyone looking to spend a few days around the world heritage site.

Restaurants in Deer Lake…

There isn’t a whole lot to choose from at all near the airport.  But in the town of Deer lake, you can find a few options.  A lot of locals recommend the Café on Main – a small, typical café located in the heart of Deer Lake.  The official address of the small, vinyl-sided café is 29 North Main, Deer Lake, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Other Car Rental Options at Deer Lake Regional Airport…

Whether you’re looking for an ecological adventurer or just wish to drive along the countryside, the five car rental companies at the airport will be able to meet your needs. Passenger traffic varies greatly depending on the tourist season, but regardless you should be able to reserve any vehicle you want if you make your reservation forty-eight hours ahead of your arrival time. If you wait any longer then you run the serious risk of losing your first choice vehicle and possibly your second choice as well if you wait until after you land. You may also want to consider taking up one of the companies on their GPS offer too.
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