Davao City Airport Car Rental

Davao International Airport Basics.....

Francisco Bangoy International Airport also known as Davao International Airport is the most crowded and busiest airport in Mindanao, situated in Davao City. It has been the hub for travel and tourism to various destinations locally and worldwide. Domestic and international flights operate in the airport. The whole compound is composed of low rise buildings as well as a small control tower. The whole airport is computerized and offer security for those travelers and those people who wait for their loved ones to arrive.

Davao Airport
Davao Airport Car Rental.....

Several rental car companies are situated in the Davao Airport.  Rental car companies like Avis and Europcar will each offer great deals for you to putt around the island.  The airport sits about 3 km from the Davao Gulf and in the heart of the Davao City District (although officially several km from Davao City itself).
Airport Amenities.....

For the convenience of the passengers, the airport has four jet bridges as well as 28 check-in counters for both domestic and international flights. Their system of baggage handling is computerized as well. There are arrival areas for both domestic and international travelers. The airport itself has also a taxiway. The check-in counters have an electronic weighing scale for a fast and convenient weighing of your luggage.  Inside the airport, you can see various shops and restaurants that offer sumptuous array of food for travelers and visitors.
One will surely love the theme of the airport as it caters the culture of Mindanao as a place of colorful tribes and ethnicity. As a matter of fact, you can see a souvenir shop inside the airport called 1231 Souvenirz to Go which sells sweet pomelo, durian products, and other Davao products.  You can also witness the hospitality of the people as you shop at Datoedco Fisbay, a souvenir shop that also sells Davao products and goods, the same with Luzviminda. Sip and Snack is a snack bar at the airport that sells souvenir goods at the same time. Suka at Sili (Vinegar and Pepper) is a famous branch of Filipino restaurant found inside the airport that serves sumptuous Filipino dishes. Sure you want to try them and you will surely keep on coming back for more. You can also see Solomon’s Den, a typical food house you can find near the rest room. The food is pretty expensive. As far as my taste is concerned, their  food is not that good. Moreover, of course sometimes travelers have extra time to unwind, read a good book while waiting for their flight. With this, Karl’s Koffee Korner is available in the airport. You can sip a cup of coffee while cherishing the goodness of being in the city.

Davao International Airport is definitely a hub for travel and tourism. When it comes to the airport’s car rental services, there are a lot of car rental services available in the city for you to choose from. You can rent your desired type of vehicle depending on your needs. Rates depend on the number of hours or days of usage. You can find car rental services in the airport. One of which is Eurocar. You are offered with friendly service, low rates, and highly dependable cars for your transportation needs.

Cebu Pacific Long Queue at Davao Airport
Types of Rental Cars at the Davao Airport.....

Most any type of car available anywhere else is available here.  Economy cars, of course, are in the highest demand.  This is probably not only the economical choice, but also a great choice for the driving conditions on the island.  You may find yourself bumper to bumper, and door to door most of the time.  So a smaller car will be a little more handy.  But minivans, SUV's, luxury cars and standard intermediate cars are all generally available.  Use our booking engine to determine the best car for you on the island.  Thanks for shopping with Eurocar Rental and enjoy your Davao Airport Car Rental experience!!

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