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The centralized location of the Czech Republic, who shares borders with regularly visited countries Germany, Austria, Poland, and Slovakia, and its world renown tourists destinations, such as Prague, cause millions of foreigners to visit and drive through the Czech Republic each year. This increased volume of traffic is likely to blame for the Czech Republic’s high ranking in number of accidents per year. Any foreigner looking to rent a car and drive along the streets of the Czech Republic should be well aware of all the rules and regulations involved with transportation around the country.

Let’s just start with some of the basics. First of all, you must be eighteen years old to drive. Any license issued by a European Union, also referred to simply as EU, is automatically valid in the Czech Republic. However, even if you have an EU learner’s license that states you’ve been cleared to drive while under the age of eighteen, you will not be legally allowed to do so while within the Czech Republic’s borders. Anyone visit from a non-EU affiliated country is required to obtain a Czech license in order to be legally allowed to drive. The process of obtaining a Czech license can be extremely easy or difficult depending on the country you are native to.

Also, in addition to a valid license, you are required by law to have a valid certificate of insurance while driving on the roads of the Czech Republic. ‘Green Cards’ are accepted, but are only valid for up to three months. You can purchase insurance and extend your insurance at the rental car company you choose to purchase your vehicle from.
The speed limits are fairly traditional; fifty kilometers an hour in inhabited areas, ninety kilometers an hour in non-inhabited regions, and one hundred and thirty kilometers an hour while on motor ways. No alcohol is legally allowed to be present in your system while operating a vehicle, everyone must wear a seat belt at all times whether they are sitting in the front or back seat, and all vehicles must drive with their headlights on at all times.

You aren’t legally allowed to use your mobile phone while driving unless you make use of a “handsfree” system, but don’t try telling the majority of Czech locals that. The mobile phone law, along with the ‘only pass on the left side of the motorway’ law, are regularly broken. Speaking of the motorway, there are no tollbooths, but that doesn’t mean driving on the motorway is free by any means. Instead, you must purchase and place a sticker inside your windshield that permits motorway driving. If you don’t you’re going to quickly get hit with a large fine.

Lastly, we’ve provided a list of Czech signs and their meanings:

 PRŮJEZD ZAKÁZÁN closed to all vehicles
 OBJÍĎKA diversion
 NEMOCNICE hospital
 CHOĎTE VLEVO pedestrians must walk on the left
 ZÁKAZ ZASTAVENÍ  stopping is prohibited
 BEZ POPLATKU free of charge
 ÚSEK ČASTÝCH NEHOD area where accidents often occurs
 NEBEZPEČÍ SMYKU danger of skidding
 road closed due to snow or ice
Be on the lookout for these signs, commit them to memory, and you will be more likely to have an accident-free vacation during your time in the Czech Republic.

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