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Cyprus is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea that receives more than ten percent of its gross domestic product, aka GDP, through tourism. Since 2003, Cyprus has seen more than two million tourists per year, making it the fortieth most visited place in the world. Since the only way to bring your own vehicle over would be to either fly or sail it in, an expensive means either way, most tourists settle for renting a car after landing at one of the fifteen airports Cyprus has to offer. What makes the third largest island in the Mediterranean such a hotspot?

Entering, or even just seeing Nicosia from afar, is a tourist attraction. Cyprus once belonged to the historic Venetians of the fifteenth century, who took Nicosia back in 1489. The Venetians built up the city walls to a circumference of about three kilometers, with three gates and eleven bastions. While the city has been modernized a great deal and expanded beyond the city walls of old, the walls still stand, marking the entrance of the city’s cultural center.

The best preserved gate along the wall is the Famagusta Gate, which now serves as the Niscosia Municipal Cultural Center. Exhibitions, lectures, and artistic performances are all showcased around and within the gate for tourists from all over the world. There is also a passage from the gate into the moat, which is now dried out and decorated with various statues including a large bronze statue known as the Statue of Liberty.

Nicosia has far more available throughout the city than just historic sites. It serves as the epicenter for everything from history to contemporary art. There is plenty to drive around and see, as well as numerous attractions you can engage in.

However, there is much more to experience in Cyprus than the capital’s attractions. Limassol is the second largest town in Cyprus, but is in no way inferior to Niscosia. Before the Venetians took over the capital and built its famous walls, the Templars and Knights of St. John were based in Limassol. It is also where King Richard the Lionheart wed Berengaria. The Castle that once stood in Limassol is now used as the District Museum and is open to the public.

All the cultural heritage and history along with the large marina and various resorts make Limassol the tourist center of the country. The city is often frequented for its famous Carnival celebration, which is a ten day event that takes place before Lent. It ends with a lavish singing competition and enormous parade.

The majority, almost more than fifty percent, of the tourists who visit Cyprus each year are from Great Britain. Luckily for UK tourists, driving in Cyprus is conducted on the left side of the road. Anyone from a continental European country should drive with extreme caution. Driving on the side of the road you’re not used to could result in driving down the wrong direction of a busy highway, which could result in a tragic end to your vacation. Drive carefully, and explore all Cyprus has to offer during your stay. You won’t regret your choice.

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