Cuneo Levaldigi Airport Car Rental

Cuneo Levaldigi Airport Basics.....

The Turin-Cuneo Levaldigi Airport (CUF) is the entry way to Cuneo and Turin and is the alternative airport of Piedmont with the first being the Turin Caselle Airport.  It's a small airport with only one runway.  Savigliano Cuneo is a very important area of the country known for iron, locomotive and foundry works. It has many sugar and silk factories as well. It is still a very active industrial area in Italy. Savigliano used to be the home to Giovanni Schiaparell who discovered the Mar's Canali.  Sites to see would be the Triumphal Arch that was built in honor of the marriage of Catherine of Austrian Spain and Charles Emmanual I. Also the Collegiate Church of St Andrea is visited by many every year.
Aeroporto cuneo levaldigi terminal

Car Rentals and Destination Guide.....

There are two companies that you can rent a car from out of the Cuneo Levaldigi Airport. These are two of our favorites, Hertz and Budget.  Both desks are situated near the exit, in the arrivals area, near the baggage claim area.

From the Cuneo Airport, It only takes 19 minutes to get into town to see the sights and enjoy the day.  Everything is in close proximity to the airport and town for ultimate convenience.  Pick up the car and get on Strada Statale 20 to get out of the airport.  You'll follow it around the airport and out onto SR20.  Merge onto SR20 out of the airport.  There's a lot of open space and towns.  You'll pass through a total of 4 traffic circles.  You're going to be traveling on SR20 for 13.4km.  

At the last traffic circle, take the first exit onto Via Saluzzo.  You'll be driving between many tall apartment buildings and store fronts as you are making your way into the heart of the city.  Take it around 260 m until it turns into Piazza del Popolo.  You'll pretty much be in the center of Savigliano Cuneo.  Keep driving as Piazza del Popolo will turn into Corso Roma. A little way further and you'll arrive.

In this case, to get back to the airport, you simply need to reverse the directions.  Remember to re-fuel your rental vehicle before returning the car.  There is an ERG fueling station on the South side of Centallo (a little town between the city of Cuneo and the Cuneo Airport).  The ERG is about halfway between the Airport and Cuneo itself.  It would be a great place to stop and re-fuel.

Amenities at the Airport

Although it not a very big and busy airport, it still takes care of travelers by offering a cafe for anyone wanting to experience the local  Piemontese food (See Picture Below) and wine in a very comfortable and unique atmosphere. There's also the Banca Regionale Europea to help you with any of your money needs.
Italy-Italia Italian Food Fritto misto alla piemontese PxT

Car Rental Driving Distances.....
Most folks landing at the Cuneo Airport are eventually traveling to the city of Cuneo.  However, not all.  For those folks, we have put together a list of other areas and the driving distances needed to get to those places.  These distances are only estimates.  All distances are from the airport.

Savigliano 14.7 km.
Savona 93 km.
Genoa 144 km.
Nice 147 km.
Cuneo 16 km.
Turin 65 km.
Asti 68 km.
Alba 40 km.

Hotels at the Cuneo Levaldigi Airport.....

While there are no hotels situated immediately at the Cuneo Airport, there are a few that are within a few km's.  One that seems to garner pretty good reviews, at a good price, is the Hotel Agli Alteni.  This hotel is located in a town called Villafalletto (See Picture Below) - a town that sits just about 7 km West of the Airport.  The best way to get there is to exit as you were traveling to the City of Cuneo.  Drive about 1.3 km on SR20 and then take a hard right at the first traffic circle.  Drive on Frazione Mellea for about 6 km.  Take another right as you enter the traffic circle in Villafalletto onto a road called Via Circonvallazione.  Drive your rental car another 1.5 km and you will arrive at the hotel.  Prices are as low as € 53 per night.  
Villafalletto (Cuneo)

Types of Vehicles Available for Rent at the Cuneo Airport.....

SUV's, Minivans, and compacts are all available at the Cuneo Airport.  Prices vary quite a bit with the type of vehicle hired.  Notice that cars hired in Europe tend to be powered by Diesel motors instead of the popular gasoline models in the U.S.  Not only are diesels a little better on fuel, they often are equipped with manual transmissions, making them even more affordable.  Also, check out a GPS if you think you might need one.  They can be reserved when you make your car rental booking online.  Thanks for shopping with and we hope you enjoy your Cuneo Levaldigi Airport Car Rental.
Source: Cuneo Airport Homepage

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