Copenhagen Airport Car Rental

Copenhagen Airport Basics.....

The Copenhagen Airport (formerly Kastrup Airport) is a large facility that serves around 20 million passengers per year - coming and going.  There are four terminals that make up the Copenhagen Airport.  Three are dedicated to international travel and one is used specifically for domestic travel.  The airport management seems to have made a push for a more commercial approach to their passengers.  Travelers are funneled from security checkpoint into the duty-free shops in an encouragement to buy something.  There is no free Wi-Fi at the airport.

The Copenhagen Airport is a modern-looking airport with a neat "feel" to it.  Many travelers however, report that although beautiful and modern, service has been lacking in recent years.
Copenhagen Airport - Terminal 3

Copenhagen Airport Car Rental.....

There are a total of five rental car companies at the international area of the Copenhagen Airport.  These include Europcar, Hertz, Avis, Budget and Sixt.  Also, Europcar, Hertz and Avis each help domestic travelers with their rental car needs in Terminal 1.  The car rental agents within the international terminals are located in the arrivals area in terminal 3.  The actual cars are located on the Airport premises, so there's no need of a shuttle from the airport to some off-site location.  However, if help is needed the airport will oblige to get you to your rental car.

Copenhagen Airport Directions to Copenhagen...

The easiest way to get to Copenhagen from the airport is as follows:  To get from the airport to the city center of Copenhagen you will travel West down the same road whether you are exiting from the International terminal or the domestic terminal.  For example, coming out of the P10 parking garage where the international rental cars are located, you will turn left across from the Hilton Hotel to get on the taxi road to get out of the airport.  Drive about 2 km, thru a couple of traffic circles and you will "T" into Amager Road.  Turn right (you'll see a little white sign directing you to Copenhagen, or Kobenhavn).

Drive on the main road for about 4.2 miles until you come to Amager Blvd. that angles off to the left (you'll see blue signs overhead directing you to Amager Blvd.  Continue on for about 1.5 km, and watch for bicyclists.  There are hundreds of pedestrians and bicyclists in the area so be careful.  You will see the Stadsgraven Canal (see picture below) to the right and will soon cross over a bridge and then you will be in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Airport Car Rental Return...

To return your rental car back to the airport from Copenhagen, we generally recommend that you simply reverse the directions above.  Before returning you should probably refuel your vehicle at a service station somewhere near the airport.  There is a Q8 on the left side of Amager and a Shell Station on the right side of Amager heading back to the airport.  Either would make a nice choice to stop and re-fuel.

Hotels Near the Copenhagen Airport.....

There are a few hotels that are very close to the airport, but one really stands out.  Rated as one of the best hotels in all of Copenhagen is the Hilton Copenhagen Airport Hotel.  The hotel building sits right across from the P10 international rental car building, so it's very easy to find.  The hotel is going to be pretty price (it is a Hilton after all, and one that sits on the airport premises to boot), but if you're looking for a great place to stay that is very conveniently located, look no further.  The upsides to any nice hotel are obvious.  Spacious, clean and convenient come to mind.  The downsides to this one?  No free Wi-Fi and the food is expensive.  But you probably expected the latter.  Again, it is a Hilton.  See Picture of the Hilton Restaurant Below.
Another hotel that isn't in the league as the Hilton mentioned above is the Quality Hotel Airport Dan.  This hotel sits about 4 km from the airport and will generally be a lot cheaper than the Hilton - in fact about half the price.  The hotel is outdated but clean, by most reports.  The hotel offers a free shuttle or you can get there via the metro.  If driving a rental car out of the airport (From P10 International), you will turn right out of P10 and travel East until you get to the first traffic circle.  Take the 3rd exit out of the traffic circle and take the bridge over the E20.  Right after crossing over the E20, turn left onto Amager Strandvej.  Drive for about one-quarter of one km and turn left onto Skøjtevej right before a long, tall brown building.  Drive for about 500 meters and turn right as you "T" onto Kastruplundgade.  Drive another 500 meters and the Dan Hotel will be on your left.
The restaurant at Hilton Copenhagen Airport

Car Rental Types at the Copenhagen Airport.....

Just about every type of rental car exists at the Copenhagen Airport.  You will have your selection from SUV's, economy cars, luxury Mercedes, and 9-passenger minivans and minibuses for folks with a larger party.  You will have your choice from gasoline to diesel and from manual transmission to automatics.  By the way, most cars that are rented from the Copenhagen Airport are of the manual transmission variety.  That's not to say that you won't have your choice of automatics.  You will.  But by and large, Europeans prefer manual.

Also, make sure to check out any add-ons that you might need for your trip thru the Copenhagen area.  With all of our vehicles, you may add on items for an additional cost.  GPS's, additional drivers, children's car seats, and various snow equipment will always be available to add to your booking.  After selecting your vehicle above, you will be given the opportunity to add on any of these items that you deem necessary.

Car rentals at the Copenhagen Airport can be relatively expensive - especially for the residents of Denmark.  If a non-resident to the country, your prices may be a little cheaper, as non-residents generally don't incur a rental car tax that the residents must pay.  When compared to other European countries' car rental prices, the Copenhagen Airport costs will generally be right in line with the rest.

Finally, we want to thank you for visiting our site.  We hope you learned something about renting a car at the Copenhagen Airport, and if you have any questions, contact us.  We'd love to hear from you!
Source: Copenhagen Airport Homepage

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