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City of Derry Airport Information…

The City of Derry Airport sits in the northwest area of Ireland – just a few kilometers from the Irish Sea.  The airport serves much of Ireland and runs about 400,000 passengers thru the turnstiles every year. 

The airport has really taken off with the advent of cheap airline services such as Ryanair.  As long as low-cost services stay afloat, you’ll probably see more and more activity in these type of smaller European airports.

City of Derry Airport

City of Derry Airport Car Rental…

With the number of travelers that go thru the terminal, you would expect more than one car rental company to vie for your attention – and that’s what happens here.  There are actually three.  Avis, Europcar and Hertz each have offices and cars set up here. 

When you arrive you will find that the rental car agents are situated not far from the exits – near the baggage claim – just like they are at every other airport on planet.  Cars are currently parked right on the airport premises, so there’s no need of a shuttle.  As you walk out of the terminal, turn to the left and the rental cars will be found to be adjacent to the terminal.  The walk to the rental car parking lot is less than 100 meters.

Car Rentals at City of Derry Airport

City of Derry Airport Driving Directions to Londonderry and Derry…

Getting to the city center is about as easy as it gets.  You will find that after getting into your rental, you will pull out of the airport area, and go thru one roundabout.  Upon encountering the second roundabout, you will take the 3rd exit onto A2.  Take the A2 Route all the way into the city.  You will go thru at least four more roundabouts to get to the city.  Again, stay on the A2 all the way to the city.  The entire trip should take about 15 minutes depending on the traffic.

The best time to fuel us is whenever you can.  Upon leaving the city of Londonderry, you should probably re-fuel whenever possible.  The drive from the city to the airport is short enough so that very little fuel will be burned off before arriving back to the airport. 

Leaving City of Derry Airport - - 595035

Hotels and Restaurants Near the City of Derry Airport…

There aren’t too many restaurants or hotels near the airport, but there is at least one of each.  Located at 68 Clooney Road (on A2 about 6 km from the airport) there is a Best Western White Horse Hotel on the right-hand side of the road.  Prices are decent and access – both in and out – is pretty good.  The restaurant that sits inside is appropriately called the 68 Clooney Restaurant.  Food is generally regarded as pretty good and the prices aren’t too bad either.

Airport Car Rental Return…

As of this writing, there was no gas station immediately next to the airport.  However there have been plans for a couple of years to add a station somewhere near the A2 roundabout.  Some land there is apparently owned by the airport and the location would be super for those car hire returns looking to refuel before finally returning.

Once getting back to the airport, remember to follow the signs that will help you deliver your rental right back to the place from which you originally picked it up.  It’s not difficult at all.  Once you’re back to a parking spot, take a couple of pictures (even a video if you can) of the rental to verify the condition of the vehicle – should future questions arise.  You may be glad that you did.

Other Car Rental Locations in the Londonderry Area…

As far as we know, there are no other car rental locations in this area.  In other words, if you’re looking to rent a car in the area, you’ll probably need to pick up and return at the airport. 
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