Christchurch Airport Car Rental

Airport Basics.....

The Christchurch Airport is New Zealand's second largest airport in terms of passenger traffic.  So large, that from the summer of 2009 to 2010 the airport serviced over 6 million folks.  This was an increase of almost 100,000 folks from the year before.  Numbers thru the summer of 2011 are down somewhat, probably caused primarily by global economic downturns in passenger movement. The airport has now been in existence for over 80 years, beginning as Harewood Airport back in the late 30's or early 40's and became the first airport facility in the South Hemisphere to finally realize the status as 'carbon neutral'.  
New airport buildings, finally!
Christchurch Airport Car Rental.....

Several car rental companies currently have desks set up inside the terminal building.  These include Avis, Budget, Europcar, Thrifty and Hertz.  Each of the companies maintain maintain their desks in the Arrivals Hall area and their rental vehicles at a car park right across the road from the arrivals area at the airport.  Many other car rental companies can be found "off-airport" - and at times for substantially lower fees.  However, we generally recommend a little more due diligence to determine the quality of the car rental companies in question.  Use Eurocar Rental's booking engine to find out what is available thru us.

After picking up your rental car, you may be asking yourself what the directions are to travel to the city of Christchurch.  Exiting the rental car park you will circle around on Durey Rd, the primary Christchurch Airport exit road.  Traveling a few hundred meters South, you will soon run into a traffic circle beginning Memorial Avenue.  Memorial Avenue will turn into Fendalton Road after about 5 to 6 km.  Fendalton will run into the city 'square'.  You will be able to take Harper Avenue to the East, or Deans Avenue to the South.  Both border the city center of Christchurch.

Returning your vehicle is just as easy.  Take Memorial all the way back to the airport from Christchurch.  Total trip back between these two points is about 10 km.  Also, there is a Caltex Gas/Fueling station less than 500 meters from the traffic circle on Memorial Drive near the airport.  We generally recommend that car renters re-fuel here before returning the vehicles back to the airport to save money.  If you bring your rental car back to the airport without a fuel tank, you will be at the mercy of the airport car rental fuel prices at the moment - and you probably won't be happy about those prices.
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Airport Amenities.....

Currently, the airport offers some pretty decent choices when it comes to food.  On level one travelers have options including Burger King, Number Eight, Sakura Sushi Bar, Trattoria Milano and the Wishbone.  In the International Departures area, a Grab and Fly and a Coffee Club are there for those neary flight out of Christchurch.  For shoppers there is a JR Duty Free store in the International Departures lounge and in the International Arrivals area.  Liquor, perfumes watches are all available there.

Wi-Fi is currently available to travelers for an hourly charge of NZ$7.95 after the first half-hour.  Alternatively, you can buy a 4-hour chunk of Wi-Fi time for NZ$24.95.

Hotels Near the Christchurch Airport.....

Although there are many airports within 10-15 km, there are only two or three within 3 km of the Christchurch Airport.  One of these is called the Airport Lodge Motel.  Now, the motel is not fancy.  It isn't cute, and it doesn't have all of bells and whistles that many of its more expensive peers have, but it does do the job it's supposed to do - provide a convenient place to sleep at a good price.  If you aren't driving a rental car out of the Christchurch Airport, the airport courtesy coach runs free shuttles to and from airport from about 7 am until 2 am.  The motels offers a continental breakfast and wireless internet for folks staying the night.

Airport Car Rental Driving Distances.....

For most folks landing into the Christchurch Airport, the final destination is somewhere in Christchurch.  However, some folks have a different destination in mind.  For those folks, we have compiled a list of car rental driving distances for your review.  These travel destinations are estimates only.  The are not meant to be exact.  For exact driving distances, we generally recommend that you reserve a GPS when booking your rental car.

Pegasus Sea, 18 km.
Lyttleton Community, 25 km.
Kaiapoi, Canterbury, New Zealand 19 km
Rangiora, Canterbury, New Zealand 28 km.
Ashburton, Canterbury, New Zealand 84 km.
Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand 160 km.
Adrenalin forest, Heyders Road, Christchurch 18 km.
Orana Wildlife Trust, Mcleans Island Road, 13 km.
Willowbank Wildlife Reserve  7 km.
Christchurch airport
Types of Rental Vehicles at the Christchurch Airport.....

Various types of vehicles are available at the Christchurch Airport.  SUV's, luxury cars, minivans, economy cars are all available here.  Use Eurocar Rental's booking engine above to determine exactly what's available - at what price.  Also, be sure to check out our additional add-ons such as additional drivers, GPS's and various children's booster seats.  

Thanks for shopping with Eurocar Rental and enjoy your Christchurch Airport Car Rental experience!

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