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Airport Basics…..

O'hare International Airport has been one of the busiest Airports in the world, holding many annual records for having the most passengers. With so many gift shops, restaurants, and near-by services, it's come to the point where this magnificent airport could even be considered an attraction site!

Up until 2005, O'hare International Airport was considered one of the busiest Airports, but it came to the point where the airport was considered "too busy" in which the federal government had to impose traffic restrictions, which resulted in O'hare losing its title for the busiest airport. Nonetheless, O'hare Airport will continue to be known as the "National landing hub" regardless of statistics have to say. And that is because of its large amount of unique stores and attractions within the airport.

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Chicago O’Hare Car Rental…..

So after deciding to visit the Windy City, and arriving at O'hare International Airport, what next? You can stay there for a bit and see all the cool stores, or you can directly go to the Car Rentals area to start cruising Chicago. Fortunately for all of its visitors, O'hare airport has a wide variety of Rental companies. Even better, they all have in-terminal counters as the following rental car companies are situated on the bottom level by the baggage claim area in terminals one, two and three.  Actually at Terminal Five, customers can call car rental companies via the courtesy telephones.  There will actually be a row of telephones, labeled with different car rental offerings.  Use the phones at T5 and shuttles will come and get you.  Regardless of which company you choose, you will take a shuttle off airport, and onto the car rental car park.  Each car rental company, however, should be reached by the shuttle of your choice within 10 minutes or so.  Here are the companies with desks in the airport.


If traveling to the city center, it will depend on which car rental park you are using as your rental car company.  Using the Willis Tower (Sears Tower) as our city center, here are directions from a few different rental car companies.

Avis, Hertz, National and Budget - The address for this location is 10000 Bessie Coleman Drive.  To travel to the Willis Tower, travel South on Bessie Coleman Drive, under an overpass, for a little over one-half of a mile.  You will see green "Chicago" signs both overhead, and planted to the right of the road.  Exit to Chicago via this exit, and travel on the main road (I-190, 90, I94, aka the Kennedy Expressway) for about 14 miles as the road turns into I-94.  Take Exit 51C and travel toward E. Washington Blvd and turn left.  You will see the tower in front of you.

Ace Rent-a-Car - The road address for Ace Rent-a-Car is Mannheim Road.  From Ace, heading to the downtown area, pull out of the car rental park, and travel South on Mannheim for 1.5 miles and Merge onto the I-190 as above towards Chicago.  Travel using I-190 as above all the way to the city center.  The total trip will be around 18 Miles.  One thing to note, when looking to couple your car rental experience with your hotel, you might look into the Holiday Inn Express on Mannheim, right across the road from the Ace Rent-a-Car park.  This may make for a more convenient option having your rental car park right across the road from the hotel that you are staying at.

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Airport Amenities.....

As always before entering an airplane, appetite tends to kick in. What type of food are you craving for? Whatever it is, chances are O'hare will have that for you. If pizza is what you want, you may want to try Reggio's Pizza. If you're a fan of cheesecake, you cannot deny the "Eli's cheesecake" they have. Maybe you're shipping off to a foreign country and you want to have a last taste at American food, what better way to top it off with a classic McDonald's meal? Whatever you are looking for, chances are it will be there. All the top brands, whether it's Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts, you can find at O'hare.

Similar to most airports, Wi-fi is included with a small fee. It is about $6.95 for a day and around $21.00 for a month. The speed and coverage, especially for an airport, is excellent. Although based on the price, I wouldn't recommend purchasing it unless you're in dire need of internet access. After all, you'll only be spending a short period of time there, and the dozens of attractions within O'hare will keep you occupied.

In O'hare there are five terminals due to how busy it is. Terminal five is considered the International terminal. Each airline will have its own baggage claim area. Although O'hare is statistically one of the busiest airports in the United States, the baggage claim process is extremely smooth, especially compared to most foreign airports. There are a number of designated signs and employees who will gladly assist you in finding the baggage claim center and finding your personal luggage.

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Car Rental Driving Distances.....

Most travelers are headed to somewhere in Chicago, when traveling into flying into O'hare.  However, this is not true for all.  Many folks use the massive facility to head to other nearby towns in their rental cars.  For those folks, we thought it might be helpful to estimate some driving distances for you as well.  All distances are from Bessie Coleman Drive, the car park for the major car rental companies.

Waukegan, IL 33 km.
Gary, Ind 47 km
Naperville, IL 26 km
Elgin, IL 27 km.
Racine, WI 65 km.
Milwaukee, WI 80 km.
Madison, WI 133 km.
Peoria, IL 166 km.
South Bend, IN 111 km.
Car Rental Vehicle Types Available at O'Hare Airport.....

Just about any type of vehicle that suits your fancy is available at the O'Hare Airport.  Minivans, SUV's, Luxury Cars and Economy Cars are all here.  Use our booking engine to determine what works best within your budget.  Our rental cars are listed by price to help you determine how much you'd like to spend on your rental vehicle.  Thanks for shopping with Eurocar Rental and we hope you have a great Chicago O'Hare Airport Car Rental experience.

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