Charleston West Virginia Airport Car Rental

Yeager Airport Background…

Back during World War II, Charleston, West Virginia had to close its major airport at Wertz Field because a synthetic rubber plant built nearby by the government blocked the approaches. While there was already talk about the creation of a new airport anyway, the sudden loss of their only airport left Charleston without any way to undergo important aircraft operations. As quickly as possible, the city started constructing the new airport in 1944 and had it completed in 1947. It was named Kanawha Airport when it first opened.

The airport didn’t receive the name it has today until 1985. It was named after Brigadier General Chuck Yeager, a native of a nearby county in the area, who was the first pilot to ever fly at supersonic speeds. The airport is currently undergoing a few renovations and expansions, including a two million dollar covered walkway being installed to connect the main terminal with the parking garages and a five million dollar canopy for the front area.

Yeager Airport

Yeager Airport Car Rentals…

The airport is supported by six car rental companies on-site; Avis, Alamo, Enterprise, Hertz, Budget, and National. All six counters can be found conveniently placed within the baggage claim area in the main terminal. They should be easy to find and the airport does not have any plans to change their rental location in the future. Once you’ve filled out all the proper rental agreements, you will be given the keys to your vehicle and direction to its parking space within the rental lot located just outside the terminal.

Charleston Airport Directions to Charleston Downtown…

Charleston, West Virginia is separated between South Charleston and Charleston much like North Charleston is considered a separated area from Charleston, South Carolina. The airport is located north of the main Charleston city area. When you leave via Airport Rd, which is the only way out, you’ll end up merging onto Greenbrier St. Follow it until you go under the I-77 overpass and are able to turn right onto Quarrier St, which is a one-way road. You’ll know you’re in the downtown area when Quarrier St runs into Dickinson St.

To get away from the major downtown bustling area and over to the major shopping center that is South Charleston, follow Greenbrier St until you can hop onto I-77/I-64 West. Follow the exit signs onto I-64 West and continue until you reach the Montrose Dr exit. Turn right onto Montrose Dr from the off-ramp and follow it until you can take a left onto Maccorkle Ave. Then just take a left onto one of the first couple of streets you come across, you should see a ton of retail shops amid a shopping outlet, and you’ll be set to shop ‘til you drop.

Ruffner Cabin, Charleston's First Structure

Charleston Airport Car Rental Return…

If you simply reverse the directions to travel back to the airport, you’ll be fine.  That is, using Greenbrier St all the way to the Airport Rd.  When you get back to the airport, watch for the little signs that point you back to the car rental return parking lot.  It is situated just outside the terminal.  Find an agent, get confirmation of your return and you’re good to go.  Oh, we also recommend that you take a picture or two of the car, just to avoid any confusion about the condition of the rental upon returning it.

There is a little Texaco Station on the right-hand side of the road as you travel back on Greenbrier.  You will see it after climbing a little hill – situated next to a green building on Oakridge Dr.  Prices may be a little higher there – as there aren’t any gas stations nearby to help with competition, but it is handy and just off the main road.

Other Car Rental Options at Yeager Airport…

The area is fairly small but full of winding roads that could leave you lost for a substantial amount of time, especially if you go exploring the nearby landscape and/or have a bad sense of direction. Luckily, all six rental companies offer their own versions of satellite GPS systems that update constantly. It’ll cost you an extra ten to fifteen dollars a day, maybe a bit more depending on who you go with, but in the long run you’ll save that and more in time and gas money.

Rental cars available will include the standard economy and compact cars, but also vans, SUV’s and luxury cars as well.  You’ll have the type of selection here that you would expect from a smaller airport – which isn’t all that bad.
Source: Yeager Airport

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