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Brussels South Station (Midi) Basics.....

The largest train station in Brussels is the Midi South Station, located in the South-Central part of Brussels.  Like many European stations, it was opened in the 1800's, and enlarged later to accommodate the passenger count as the city grew.  The train station is an important European hub, servicing Brussels primarily, but the rest of Europe also.

Bruxelles Midi station sign

Brussels South Station (Midi) Car Rental.....

Various car rental companies have set up shop at the station.  These include Europcar, National, Sixt, Hertz and Avis.  other, less-prominent rental car companies have offices near the station as well.  Desks within the station are situated in the arrivals area on the around the and Eurostar and Thaylus area.  The actual vehicles are located underground with two separate tunnel entrances and exits.  These entrance/exits are situated right next to the Victor Horta road that runs parallel - and Northwest - of the station  You may exit on either end, generally.  And, you may return on either end of the road.  In other words, you can return your rental car via the Rue de L'Instruction or the Rue Ernest Blerot.  Again, both entrance and exit tunnels may be accessed from either end of the Victor Horta Road - which T's on either ends into the above mentioned roads.  There are very small rental car company signs on either end of the entrance back into the underground parking garage.  The entrance on either side will say "Qpark Zuidstation Gare du Midi".


Petrol Service Stations Near the Brussels South (Midi) Station.....

Coming From the North - If you're returning your rental car from the North, there's a little Texaco station just off of Poincare Blvd on Rue Brogniezstraat.
Coming From the South - If you're returning your rental car from the South, there's a Q8 on the right-hand side of Saint-Denis Road that travels parallel to the tracks from the South.
Coming From the West -  If you're returning your rental car from the West, there's a service station on Rue Van Lintstraat appropriately named "Station Service".
Coming From the East - If you're returning your rental car from the East, there is a Q8 service station on Waterloolaan, running parallel to the Tunnel Louise.  It is also on the right-hand side of the road.

Restaurants Near the Midi Brussels Train Station.....

A very, very unassuming eatery near the station is a place called the Atleta Taverne-Restaurant.  It sits on Boulevard Jamar and within 500 meters of the station - to the East.  Take off on Esplanade de l'Europe, turn left on Argonnestraat, and circle right onto Bld Jamar.  The little shop is on the left-hand side and serves some pretty good Portuguese food, by most accounts.  You won't find much in the way of reviews online, but it's close enough to walk over and give it a try.

Other Brussels South Midi Station Considerations.....

Cars available for hire at the station include just about anything you could rent at the Zaventum or the Charleroi Airports.  The list would certainly include SUV's, 7-passenger and 9-passenger minivans, economy cars of all type and luxury cars as well.  Gasoline engines, diesel engines, automatics and manual shift choices give the renter just about anything they could want.  Also available are various children's seats just in case you're traveling with family.

Finally, we want to thank you for visiting our site.  We hope you learned something about renting a car at the Brussels South Midi train station!

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