Bristol Airport Car Rental

Bristol Airport Basics.....

In the late 1920's a few men near the city of Bristol got together and raised £6,000 from the public.  These funds would lunch a flying club in the town of Filton in the city of Bristol.  Fast forward about 80 or 90 years and you have what is currently called the Bristol Airport.  The airport currently services around 6 - 7 million passengers annually with the bulk of those passenger routes being Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Spain and France, and was nominated in 2011 for Best UK Airport.

Bristol airport
Car Rental in Bristol Airport.....

Car rental companies at the Bristol Airport include Europcar, National, Hertz, Avis, Budget and Enterprise.  Car parks for these rental car companies sits quite near the terminal.  When you exit out of the front of the terminal, simply turn to your left and the rental car parking lot will be right there next to the terminal - on the same side of the road.

Directions to Bristol from the Airport... 

As you leave the airport for the
city of Bristol, you will exit on North Side Rd to A38.  Go left at the traffic circle on A38, and follow it until you reach the city of Bristol.  Watch for green signs on the side of the road and overhead as well.

Bristol Airport Car Rental Return...

When returning your rental vehicle, you will want to re-fuel near the city of Bristol.  Don't wait until you get back on A38, as fueling stations are few and far between.  The last petrol station that we know of is on the right hand side of the road, about 4 km before you get back to the airport on A38.  You will pass a golfing community on the right before you get to it.     

Hotels Near the Bristol Airport.....

One hotel in particular that might be of help to you is the Holiday Inn on A38 Bridgwater Rd, Cowslip Green, Bristol - Tel: +44 (0) 1934 861123.  This hotel offers reasonable rates, and by all accounts is a pretty good place to say - many say better than their American Holiday Inn counterparts.  The hotel is about a 6 km drive from the Airport on A38.  If you didn't reserve a rental car at the Bristol Airport, the 24-hour shuttle bus will take you to and from the Airport at any time of the day.  To get there from the airport, just proceed South on A38 when exiting the airport complex.  Check in time is at 2:00 pm and checkout time is 12:00 pm.

Bristol Airport Amenities.....

Places to eat within include fast food choices and sit down dining.  Restaurants available include Bar Zero, Burger King, Dexters (Dexters has half-price meals available to kids), Caffe Ritazza, Seafood Bar, Soho Coffee, Starbucks and Subway.  

The shopping is not bad either.  There is a WorldDutyFree, Claire's Accessories, Collection, Flying Visit, Suberdrug, and WH Smith bookstore for those folks looking for some reading material in the sky.

Bristol Airport currently does not have free Wi-Fi, as is true for most airports in the UK.  Spectrum Wireless offers a paid service.  Open your browser and the service will offer you choices on how you would like to pay for your Wi-Fi.  You might want to check out the Bristol Airport Lounge prices.  Free Wi-Fi and complimentary food and drinks makes the lounge an affordable option, if you're going to be buying these items anyway.  Currently the prices start in the price-range from £16.50.  The earliest arrival time is 9:00 am, and the longest you can stay is 3 hours.

Check-in hall, Bristol Airport, Lulsgate Bottom, Somerset - - 377609
Bristol Car Rental Driving Distances.....

For those folks traveling to the city of Bristol, you can expect about a 9 km drive to the city center.  However, many folks will get off the plane, hire a car, and drive to some other nearby location.  For those folks, we have compiled a list of nearby towns, cities and attractions - and the driving distance to get to them.  All distances are from the Bristol Airport, and are only estimates.  If you need exact driving distances (and directions) we generally recommend that you reserve a GPS when booking your rental car.  GPS's are pretty affordable, given the assistance they provide in areas that you may be unfamiliar with.

Swindon, United Kingdom 47 km.
London, United Kingdom 126 km.
Exeter, United Kingdom 72 km.
Plymouth, United Kingdom 112 km.
Bournemouth, United Kingdom 75 km.
Trowbridge, United Kingdom 29 km.
Bath, United Kingdom 19 km.
Chippenham, United Kingdom 36 km.
Stroud, United Kingdom 40 km.
Gloucester, United Kingdom 44 km.
Birmingham, United Kingdom 99 km.
Northampton, United Kingdom 149 km.

One place worth checking out with your rental car is the SS Great Britain Museum (see Picture Below).  The museum hosts its namesake, the SS Great Britain.  The ship was powered by a 1000-horsepower steam engine.  The massive power was delivered to a unique screw propeller that eventually pushed the boat to speed records in the middle 1800's.  To get to the museum, you'll need to find Cumberland Rd. off of A38 from the East or Brunel Way from the West.  Watch for little brown signs pointing to the Gas Ferry Rd, and turn there.  Drive a few hundred meters and you'll find the museum there.  Prices are decent with adults prices at £12.50, children at £6.25 and small children under 4 years of age are free - ticket offices are in a brick building on the right as you enter into the area.

SS Great Britain, port hull below glass waterline
Types of Vehicles for Hire at the Bristol Airport.....

Just about any type of rental vehicle is available at the Bristol airport.  Compacts, mini's, economies, vans and minivans, luxury cars, full-size, and SUV's are generally available here.  When running your rental car booking request, you will also have options for GPS's and children's car seats as an add-on.  Thanks for shopping with Eurocar Rental and enjoy your Bristol Airport Car Rental!!

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