Brindisi Airport Car Rental

Brindisi Airport Basics.....

The Brindisi Airport served about 1.5 million passengers thru its facilities in 2010.  Sometimes referred to as the Airport of Salento, the airport is situated in the "boot heel" in southern Italy.  The airport is considered by most travelers to be basic, but efficient in what airports do - namely transfer people thru the air.

RyanAir will service over half of the passengers to and from the Brindisi Airport, including flight associations with Bologna, Brussels Charleroi, Eindoven, Ginona Barcelona, Londra Stansted, Milano Orio Al Serio, Parigi BVA, Pisa, and Roma Cia.
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Brindisi Airport Car Rental.....

Car rental companies such as Maggiore, Avis, Hertz, ItalyByCar, Europcar and Sixt each offer Brindisi Airport car rental services for passengers wanting control of their journey in Southern Italy.  The car rental companies are situated near the baggage claim area in the arrivals area of the terminal.

Getting out of the Brindisi Airport is pretty basic.  First the car rental park is situated right next to the terminal, within walking distance of the car rental agents situated within the terminal.

Follow the traffic circles out of the facility driveways, veer left and travel Southwest on SC76, or Via Ruggero De Simone.  Drive about 1 km, and then continue straight thru the intersection at Via Nicola Brandi.  Notice White and Blue signs posting to "Centro" - referring to the city center of Brindisi, straight ahead.  Proceed on road called Via Ettore Ciciriello.  Continue a few hundred meters more and continue past the 24-hour Tamoil Fueling Station towards Brindisi.  Watch for signs pointing to "Centro", Opedale, Carabinieri and Municipio.  Continue to Brindisi.

When returning your vehicle, you will travel West on Via Provinciale San Vito and watch for airport signs as you travel back the same way.  Also, be mindful of Tamoil Gas Stations to re-fuel before returning your vehicle back to the airport.
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Brindisi Airport Amenities.....

For starters, the Brindisi Airport has Wi-Fi coverage throughout the airport.  Restaurants include a Pizza/ Bar called the Autogrill, and a Mediterranean AutoGrill as well.  Both should help for the plane flight out of the airport.  Shopping includes a bookstore, newsstand, leather shop (Flux 'Srl) and a jewelry shop for passengers with a little extra spending money.

There is an ATM situated in the waiting area right after entering the terminal from the front, situated next to a lift.
Airport Car Rental Driving Distances.....

The city center of Brindisi is very close to the Brindisi Airport - about 5 km.  If traffic is kind, you could get back and forth within 10 minutes.  For those travelers interested with a different destination point in mind, we have compiled some nearby towns and attractions.  We also have put in some car rental driving distance estimates for your review.  Remember, these are only estimates, and the distance is from the Brindisi Airport.

Brindisi Airport to Bari, Italy 115 km.
Brindisi Airport to San Vito dei Normanni, Italy 22 km.
Brindisi Airport to La Torretta, Mesagne, Italia 23 km.
Brindisi Airport to Mesagne, Italy 22 km
Brindisi Airport to Lecce, Italy 48 km.
Brindisi Airport to San Pietro Vernotico, Italy 28 km.
Brindisi Airport to Martina Franca, Italy 75 km.
Brindisi Airport to Taranto, Italy 77 km.
Brindisi Airport to Ostuni, Italy 39 km
Brindisi Airport to Monopoli, Italy 73 km.
Brindisi Airport to Castellana Caves, Castellana Grotte, Italy 84 km.

When driving in Italy, you'll nee to obey the speed limit just like you do where you're from.  Motorways will have limits of 130 km/h, Dual Carriageways at 110 km/h, Open Roads at 90 km/h, and Towns at 50 km/h.  Also, remember that the blood alcohol limit remains at .5 mg/ml.  This is far less than allowed in the U.S., so be very careful - in fact, it's just better not to drink and drive at all.
Limiti generali Italia presso Colle di Tenda
Car Types Available at the Brindisi Airport.....

All types of vehicles are available at the Brindisi Airports.  Types include economy cars, standard vehicles, SUV's, minivans and luxury cars as well.  Book your car early to ensure availability, as car rental companies to run out from time to time - especially on the more expensive vehicles.  In addition to basic car rental, there are various other add-ons available through Eurocar Rental.  Additional drivers, child seats, snow chains for seasonal driving (yes it does snow here occasionally), and GPS's are available for extra cost.  After running a request and choosing the vehicle that you would like to hire at the Brindisi Airport, check for add-ons for your journey.

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