Brescia Airport Car Rental

Brescia Airport Basics…

The Brescia Airport is situated about situated to the South of its namesake city Brescia at about 20 km.  The airport is actually located in a smaller town called Montichiari.  The bulk of the business generated by the airport is overwhelming regional – serving mostly tourist traffic and local residents.  The airport generates about 200,000 passenger movements per year.

Aeroporto di Brescia-Montichiari, interno

Brescia Airport Car Rental…

When arriving at the Brescia Airport, you will soon notice that you’ve flown in to a very small airport.  There are a couple of little shops and small banking area.  The baggage claim area will be in its usual area – closer to the exits and car rental agents’ desk. 

Once speaking with your agent and collecting the keys you will be directed outside to find your vehicle.  The vehicle will be found by turning to your left as you exit the terminal.  There is a little parking area, exclusively used by car rental companies situated about 50-75 meters from the terminal exit.  Locate the car, take a couple of pictures for future use (just in case) and you’re off and running.

Brescia Airport Directions to Brescia…

As mentioned above, the trip to the city will take you about 20 minutes or so.  And, there really aren’t any “straight-shot” directions to Brescia.  So we’ll do our best here.  Remember to take your time and follow the directions on the little signs.  They will be helpful – at least to a point.

Getting out of the airport is your first action.  Drive right out of the rental lot (in front of the terminal) and get on Strada Provinciale 37 towards the city center.  After driving about 3 km you will come to a traffic circle – you should take the 2nd exit and then very soon veer right towards A21.  Then very quickly after that you will 3rd exit at the next roundabout onto Via Giacomo Matteotti (you will see Brescia signs posted and pointing you onward).

From this point, you will essentially drive straight towards the town of Brescia.  You will drive over 10 km straight to the town.  On your way from this point, however, you will be given options to deviate from the straightest path.  Don’t fall for it.  There will be a couple of little roundabouts on the way from that point, but continue onward as straight as possible.  Follo the signs that are there to help.  Slow down and enjoy.  It’s a beautiful drive.  One moment you’re in the country and the next you will find yourself driving between buildings on a tiny street.

Train Station at Brescia

Brescia Airport Car Return…

On your way TO Brescia, you may have noticed a small Esso Station south of Castenedolo (a little community that sits about 5 km from the airport.  The little station is on the left hand side of the road.  If you’d rather not take a chance of filling up that close to the airport, we typically recommend that you fill up coming out of the town of Brescia.  There are usually gas stations near most of the major access roads from the town. 

When getting back to the airport, just remember where your car should be parked.  Enter the airport area, drive in front of the terminal and park your vehicle at the same location from which you picked it up originally.  Deliver the keys to the agent, sign the paperwork and you’re good to go.

Hotels Near the Brescia Airport…

As there really aren’t any hotels near the airport, we typically recommend something nice in the Brescia area.  Our favorite is probably the La Filanda.  The hotel is situated at Vicolo Delle Cossere 6 – pretty much in the heart of Brescia.  Easily within walking distance of the Piazza Vittoria, this is a nice hotel and tyipically offered a very good price.  Use the GPS on your rental car if you can’t seem to locate it on the map.  It’s nestled in an area where hotels are piled on top of each other – but to many that the attraction of this area.

Other Car Rental Options in Brescia…

If the car rental options at the Brescia don’t satisfy you, you might try the train station downtown.  The station sits in the heart of the town of Brescia, and is only a couple of km away from the aforementioned hotel above.  Cars at the station are typically going to be about the same as the ones from the airport.  And prices will be similar to.  Base your choice on the convenience of either location.

Finally, we thank you for visiting our site.  We hope you learned a thing or two about renting a car at the Brescia Airport and the Brescia Train Station as well.
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