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Bosnia and Herzegovina  

It hasn’t even been ten years since the end of the Bosnian War for independence, yet Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will be referred to simply as Bosnia from here on out, is already a flourishing country in the Eurasian continent and one of the most visited countries in the world. Bosnia’s tourism industry is expected to see regular growth until 2020 and has already seen such growth for more than five consecutive years despite the recent international economic crisis. Renting a car and exploring all that Bosnia has to offer is becoming a well-known vacation method you may want to check out.

Why is Bosnia such a touristic hotpot so early in the country’s lifespan? While the country may be officially in its infancy, the land it encompasses and its natives are among the oldest surviving cultures today. Many of the natives in Bosnia can trace their ancestry back to Neolithic settlers who first decided to settle in Bosnia from as far back as the sixth century. Since then, the lands and people within present day Bosnia’s borders have taken an active part in Europe’s history. It’s gone from being the Kingdom of Bosnia, to being added to the Ottoman Empire, to transferring as part of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, to finally obtaining its independence in a bloody three year long war from 1992 to 1995.

Presently, Bosnia is known for having a life expectancy and level of education, as well as for having some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in all of Europe. People come from all over to experience the cultural heritage of six historical cultures that have all either still exist today, or existed at one point in time or another, within Bosnia’s borders. If history doesn’t excite you, Bosnia is also well known for its delicious cuisine and perfect winter sport surroundings.

You’ll want to start your trip at the capital city, Sarajevo. Unofficially known as “The Olympic City” or “European Jerusalem”, Sarajevo is a beautiful culturally and commercially rich city that makes the top fifty cities to visit list for most people. Those looking for a historical vacation experience should continue from Sarajevo to Banja Luka, also referred to as the “Green City”, where you will find the Ferhadija mosque and Kastel fortress. If you’re looking for something more outdoors based, go to Bihac, next to the Una River, and visit the Una National Park for a good look at the awe inspiring beauty Bosnia’s natural environment has to offer.

There are countless resorts and tourist attractions to visit during your vacation in Bosnia. You’d have to stay for months in order to explore all the country has to offer. If you do plan on staying for more than three months, make sure you obtain a visa that lasts a while and a Bosnian driver’s license because international licenses are only good for so long. You’ll also want to make sure the insurance on your rented vehicle lasts long enough, or go back to where you rented it and get an extension. Just don’t forget to take care of the little things, no matter how long you choose to stay in the bewitching beauty of Bosnia.

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