Bordeaux Train Station Car Rental

Bordeaux Train Station Basics.....

The station in Bordeaux is very much centrally located in the heart of Bordeaux - just a few blocks from the Garonne River.  The station is one of the busiest in all of Europe, servicing over 150,000 passengers per day.

Bordeaux Train Station

Bordeaux Train Station Car Rental.....

Servicing that many passengers daily, you would expect the station to be quite large - and you would be right.  Car rental agents may be in more locations than this, but there are a couple of agents that are located at the front entrance/exit to the Gare de Bordeaux St. Jean.  Included are Avis and Europcar - to name a couple that are situated inside of the station.  

However, most (definitely not all - make sure to check with your rental car agent at the station) vehicles will be found on Rue des Terres de Borde.  There may be a tunnel that I don't know of.  But generally, when you step out of the front of the station, the cars will be right behind you.  You may have to access the road that travels over the tracks to the South to get to the rental car parking area - but either way, it's not too far.  A few of the car rental companies that have cars available at the Gare de Bordeaux include Europcar, Avis, Sixt, Alamo, and National/Citer.  There are other car rental locations nearby including a Budget Car Rental situated on Rue Charles Domercq - right next to the Best Western Hotel Jean.

The best way to get to the heart of Bordeaux from your rental car (provided you're parked at Rue des Terres de Borde with the bulk of the rental car companies), is to head out of the park and travel due North for about 400 meters.  Veer right on Rue Guyart (you won't be able to continue on the way your were going, but a little green sign posted on a wall that reads Rue Guyart will direct you to veer right thru a little alley).  After you get thru the alley you will turn left on Quai de Paludate.

You will travel alongside the Garonne River for a little over 1 km until you approach the Cours Victor Hugo at the Pont De Pierre (watch for a white sign directing you to the 'Centre-ville'.  Turn left and travel into Bordeaux. 

Pont de Pierre - Right at the Cours Victor Hugo

Returning Your Rental Car Back to the Gare de Bordeaux.....

If coming back from the Bordeaux city center area, you should probably return your rental on the Quai de paludate - the same road mentioned above that you used to get to Bordeaux.  Simply travel South and make a right turn on Rue des Terres de Borde.  It will be at a stoplight - right before you get to the overhead train tracks.  Drive for a few hundred meters, and you will see the car rental companies on your right.

Other Car Rental Considerations at the Gare de Bordeaux.....

Prices for rental cars at the Gare de Bordeaux are probably in line with any other train station in France.  You can get down there pretty cheap with a mini or economy car, or you can pay up to (or more than) 100 Euros per day.  Other options include vans (generally both 7-passenger and 9-passenger), luxury vehicles, and SUV's as well.  The key is to book early and reserve the car of your choice.  Some of the add-ons available at the Bordeaux Train Station include a GPS (which we REALLY recommend), additional drivers, and various children's seats.

Finally we want to thank you for visiting our site.  We hope you learned something about renting a car at the Bordeaux Train Station!

Source: Bordeaux St. Jean Station

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