Bologna Airport Car Rental

Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport Basics.....

The Bologna Airport (BLQ) in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy is named after Guglielmo Marconi who was a famous Italian engineer. Over five million passengers passed through this Airport every year and it has become the eighth busiest hub in Italy.

They are continually upgrading the Airport to improve capacity, efficiency as well as comfort. The transformations have been gradual with the terminal being enlarged and also restyled to align itself with the 21st century.

Bologna is one of the many historical cities in Italy. The population is approximately 380,000. It's very popular with the people of Italy, but less known by tourists. It possesses the oldest university in the western world and is known for its exquisite food. It has one of the best preserved and largest historical centers among all Italian cities. It's famous for its Terra Cotta architecture featuring warm yellows and burnt oranges. The town center has miles of cozy covered walkways which are known as porticos and are the best preserved in Europe. 
Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport Terminal

Car Rentals and Driving Directions to the Bologna City Center.....

All the major car rental companies are represented including Avis, Hertz, Europcar, Maggiore, Sixt, Sicily by Car, Budget and Locauto.  Each car rental office is located near the exit, in the arrivals hall, by the baggage claim area.

Parking reserved for car rental companies are located on the first and second levels of the parking garage - in front of the terminal - where clients can pick up and return their cars.  Simply walk out of the front of the terminal to access the rental car parking garage.  Go across a couple of surface parking lots and the garage area will sit about 100 meters from the terminal.

Directions to Bologna from the Airport...

Bologna Airport is a quick 17 minute or 12km drive to the city center.  After you pick
up your car, turn onto Via del Triumvirato. You enter a turning circle and make your way around until you merge right, passing a lighted sign saying the Columne de Bologna and also a Red Yamamay sign to the left on the grass.  Continue straight onto Via del Triumvirato and  go through 1 traffic circle. At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit to the right onto the Via del Triumvirato ramp and go under the overpass of the highway which is Tangenziale.    

Merge your rental car onto Via del Triumvirato then enter another turning circle. At the Rotonda Aristide Faccioli, take the 1st exit onto the Tangenziale ramp to Padova/Ancona/Tangenziale/San Lazzaro. It will take you around until you merge onto Tangenziale.  This is a major 3 lane highway. You'll see overhead lighted digital signs on the road  and you will see signs clearly marked for Bologna following Tangenziale for 5.6 km. You'll be looking for exit 7. You can't miss the exit number right on the sign pole and a big white directional sign for the Bologna exit.  Take exit 7 toward Bologna Centro/Via Stalingrado. You'll merge your rental car to the right. This will start to take you into the city.  Follow it around until you have to merge onto Via Stalingrado. This is another divided 3 lane highway and it starts to enter into the city. You'll pass under and overpass. Just keep going straight passing the  Parchegio building to the right which houses the Unipol Banca. Go under a major overpass and drive in the busier part of the city for 2.3 km.        

Approaching the light, you will want to turn left at Viale Angelo Masini. You'll wind around until it turns into Viale Carlo Berti Pichat.  Follow it along and then it will turn into Viale Quirico Filopanti. You'll be in the heart of the city and surrounded by many tall buildings. You can go straight on  Viale Quirico Filopanti, but you'll want to make a right onto Piazza di Porta San Vitale. Then take another right to stay on the road. and follow the road until you pass through an arch.

Then turn left on Piazza di Porta Ravegnana and you have entered the center of the city with lots of shops and restaurants to choose from. Turn your rental car left to stay on Piazza di Porta Ravegnana and you've entered the city center.

Bologna Airport Car Rental Return...  

To get out of the city you simply take Piazza di Porta Ravegnana (see Picture Below) to Strada Maggiore for a bit and then make a left back on Via Torleone which turns into San Vitale. Then you can just reverse the directions. 

Gas (Petrol) Stations Near the Bologna Airport...

Remember to re-fuel before
getting too close to the airport.  We recommend that you re-fuel on Via Stalingrado before you heading west on the Tangenziale highway.  There are a couple of fueling stations on Via Stalingrado.
San Petronio

Airport Amenities

They do have quite a variety of shopping within the Airport. Everything from fashion, general stores, food and beverages as well as a Ducati and Ferrari Store featuring motorbikes and cars.  Tourist information is located on the ground floor and is a great service to know what's going on in Bologna and the surrounding regions. They have all the information you need to get where you want to go and stay.  This is a service provided for all passengers who realize their bags are too full or heavy on the way to check-in.  It's called Repack and Go and it is located on the ground floor (Area 2) and is a self service electronic scale that passengers can use to check the weight of their own bags to make sure that it complies with the various airlines. There's also an automatic machine offered the passengers can get bags for wrapping, luggage, labels and plastic bags for liquids.

Hotels Near the Bologna Airport.....

The Sheraton Bologna Hotel is a really great hotel surrounded by beautiful landscape. It has free parking and a fitness center for your exercise needs. All the rooms are very elegant and come with a private bathroom with a shower or tub. Also they have satellite TV and air conditioning to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

If you want fine dining the hotel offers a very delicious balance of regional as well as International Italian Cuisine specializing in homemade pasta.  It's also conveniently located from the airport (just a short car rental drive away) and is around 140 euros per night.  See picture below of a shot inside the room.
Sheraton Hotel

Car Rental Driving Destinations Distances.....

Bologna 12.3 Km
Ravenna 84.4 Km
Ferrara 55.0 Km
Venice 161 Km
Rome 388Km
Genoa 299Km

Types of Rental Vehicles Available at the Bologna Airport.....

As in other Italian areas, most car rentals (especially those at airports) are smaller, diesel, standard-shift models.  They are nimble, cheap and a little easier on the pocketbook in terms of fuel dollars.  Other types are available.  SUV's, minivans, and standard intermediate cars are also available here, but are used less frequently.  Also, don't forget to reserve a GPS when booking your car.  Thanks for shopping with and we hope you enjoy your Bologna Airport Car Rental experience.
Source: Bologna Airport Homepage

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