Bodrum Milas Airport Car Rental

Bodrum Airport Basics.....

The Bodrum airport offers services for between 2 and 3 million passengers per year, many of them tourists coming in to enjoy the local flavors and colors.  Milas is a city in Southwest Turkey, while Bodrum is a port in the province of Mugla, and  although close to both Milas and Bodrum, many people refer to the airport as the Bodrum airport, just for short.  Summer temperatures near the Bodrum area average about 30°C (which is about 86°F), while winter temperatures range near 15°(which is about 59°C).

Bodrum is a bustling little community, and there are few beaches.  There are many smaller beaches nearby, however.  Just a rental car drive away!

Bodrum Airport Car Rental.....

Hertz, Avis and Europcar all have rental car desks at the airport.  And, they are all stellar companies who have earned the fine reputation that they hold today.  As there is no regular bus transportation from the airport, rental cars stay pretty busy.  The Bodrum airport car rental desks are plainly seen at the arrivals level terminal of the airport.  Renting a car is easy, but as always, we recommend pre-booking thru our site.

Leaving the Bodrum Airport with your rental car is fairly simple.  Just hop on the Mugla Bodum Yolu (D-330) and head South.  No turns, no decisions.  You'll end up in Bodrum in about 30-40 minutes.  Returning your rental car is just about as easy.  Hop on the D-330 and head north.  Don't forget to re-fuel your rental vehicle as you approach the airport.  There is a Total station less than 3 km from the airport.  The address for the Total Gas Station is 48200 Mugla Province.  The four lanes are divided and easy to drive on.

Airport Amenities.....

From all accounts, the airport is flat out horrible.  Most people complain of filthiness all across the airport, including the restrooms.  So, for starters, we generally recommend that you relieve yourself on the plane before you land.  The bathrooms will be cleaner (and possibly bigger!).  In addition to the dirtiness, the prices for food are declared to be as much as 8 times higher than what they should be.  So, again, eat on the plane if you have the option.  Don't wait to eat at the airport.

Seating?  Well, at least you have a seat on the plane.  You most likely will not have one in the airport facility.  But if you're renting a car, maybe you won't need one. You'll be lucky.

Bottom line, most folks testify that it really is a disgrace, especially for such a fine country as Turkey.

Car Rental Driving Distances.....

As stated above, you can expect about a 30-40 minute drive to the city of Bodrum.  For your convenience, we have listed other areas accessible via rental car as well.  These distances are only estimates, and if you're looking for exact distances, we often recommend that you reserve a GPS when booking your car.  All driving distances are from the airport.

Airport to Bodrum, 40 km.
Airport to Milas, 15 km.
Airport to Mugla, 70 km.
Airport to Pinarkoy, 37 km.
Airport to Izmir, 160 km.
Airport to Antalya, 315 km.
Airport to Konya, 485 km.
Airport to Gumusuluk, 40 km.
 Bodrum windmills

What Types of Vehicles Can I Rent From the Bodrum Airport?

Generally, you may be able to rent compacts, economies, standards, intermediates, luxury cars and minivans or minibuses.  Use our booking engine to see what is still available and what it may cost you.  While you're at it, you can reserve child seats and additional drivers at an extra cost.  Thanks for using Eurocar Rental for your Bodrum Airport Car Rental needs!!

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