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The Kingdom of Belgium, which is the official title of the country found primarily between the Netherlands and France, is one of the most developed countries in Europe. It has made great use of its position in the middle of two diverse cultures and as the center between east and west Europe. Despite its stature when compared to the larger countries that surround it, Belgium is ranked thirty-second in kilometers of roadways, with roughly one hundred and twenty thousand paved and thirty thousand unpaved roadways. Belgium makes a good chunk of change each year by allowing trade routes through its territories. If you’re going to visit Belgium, then you’re going to want to rent a car so you can traverse those same routes with ease during your stay.

If you’re going to travel through Belgium via rent a car, then it’d probably be helpful to know the various driving rules and regulations you’ll need to follow during your stay. The list below won’t tell you everything you may need to know, but it’ll be a good start.

1.  The legal minimum driving age is 18, despite what your international license may say.

2.  In Belgium, you drive on the right side of the road. Anyone used to driving on the left side of the road needs to be very attentive to what he or she is doing until said driver gets used to the ‘right’ way of driving.

3.  There is a “priority to the right” rule in Belgium that is marked by an upside-down yield sign with a red ‘X’ through the middle. This means that cars merging in from the right side of the road have priority over all other vehicles unless otherwise marked by a different priority sign.

4.  Speaking of priority, trams always have priority over all other vehicles. This includes passengers getting on and off of a tram.

5.  Pedestrians have priority at appropriate crossing.

6.  Mobile phone usage while driving is strictly prohibited. You may use your mobile phone while driving if you make use of a “handsfree” system or device of some kind.

7.  Seat belts must be worn by all passengers, both in the front seat and back seat of the vehicle, at all times. If an officer finds someone not wearing a seat belt, the driver takes full responsibility and will be fined.

8.  It is against the law to drive without insurance. You must purchase third party insurance if you rent a vehicle or call your insurer and ask about his or her international policy.

The following items should always be available in your vehicle or on your person when driving:

     Driver’s License
     Vehicle Registration Documents
     Insurance Certificate
     Proof of road tax and/or car radio tax payment as needed.
     A Warning Triangle
     First Aid Kit
     Fire Extinguisher, which should be within reach of the driver’s seat.
     A Reflective Vest

Follow these rules and regulations, use a little common sense, and you won’t have an issue if you end up part of an accident or pulled over for any reason.  Notice the links at the top of the page for further specific information for airport car rental locations.  Zaventum, Charleroi and Antwerp Airports each offer tremendous choices in terms of hire car options. 

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