Beijing Capital (PEK) Airport Car Rental

Airport Basics.....

Beijing Capital International Airport is right behind Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, in terms of passengers served on an annual basis.  The facility is absolutely huge and very modern.  It is easy to maneuver around in, so that's not a problem. To get this big, the city-managed facility opened up its T3 terminal back in 2008, mostly with the idea of accommodating the 2008 Olympics.  Again, the facility is modern and appealing to the eye, but many say that there isn't a ton of shopping or eating, as choices are limited.  Many also say that the airport staff are not super friendly (especially when speaking to the English-speaking folk), as they don't like to be bothered in translating English.  So, it might be a good idea to learn a few Chinese words before you go, at least the important ones


Empty Roads...


Another thing to remember is that most visitors to the airport say the facility is very, very cold.  I don't know if this is true throughout buildings in Beijing, or just at the airport.

Car Rental Companies at the Airport.....

There are currently five car rental companies at the Beijing Capital Airport.  These include four (TopOne Auro Rental, Anji Auro Rental, Shou Qi Car Rental and China Auto Rental) at the T2 terminal.  A Hertz Car Rental company sits in the newish T3 Terminal.  Each of these companies are good at what they do.  China Auto Rental is the country's leading car rental service provider.  Hertz, on the other hand, is America's leader.  

Getting to the facility.....

The airport is located about 30 kilometers north of Beijing.  Depending on what direction you are coming from, the airport is fairly well-marked.

Other Airport Amenities.....

One of the cheapest (and best) restaurants is at the fast food restaurant called the Flavor Tang.  You can get made to order dishes, or you can snarf right off the buffet.  Generally, if you are looking for more Western food, you'll have to pay a little more.  Of course food, as a whole, will be more expensive inside an airport than out.  Beijing airport has free WiFi. However you'll need a password. It used to be that you'd have the security password at the information counter however now they send a SMS to your phone.





Whatever the case you will notice the instructions on signs all around the airport.  Some say that even though the wireless is available, it is sometimes down and inaccessible.  At T2 you can turn to a special service terminal to obtain a password. It'll scan your passport and provides you with the information.  Baggage trolleys are available for free, both in the baggage claim area and outside the departure hall.  There are lockers on the second level to store your baggage from hours as many as seven days if needed.

Car Rental Driving Distances.....

For your convenience, we have put together driving distances out of the Beijing Airport.  These estimates will hopefully provide a sense of how many kilometers it will take to get from the facility to nearby towns.  Remember, these are only estimates, and a GPS probably should be used for more accurate needs.

Beijing Airport to Downtown Beijing, 30 km.
Beijing Airport to Changping, 42 km.
Beijing Airport to Huairou, 50 km.
Beijing Airport to Miyun, 60 km.
Beijing Airport to Pinggu 58 km.
Beijing Airport to Jixian, 79 km.
Beijing Airport to Dachang, 52 km
Beijing Airport to Xianghe, 65 km
Beijing Airport to Langfang, 73 km

Rental Cars Available at the Airport.....

Currently, we are able to offer Standard, Luxury and Fullsize cars out of the airport.  We occasionally offer minivans out of the Capital Beijing, but as of right now, we do not.  Use our booking system to see what's available, at what cost.

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