Barbados Car Rental - Grantley Adams

Barbados Airport Basics.....

There is one airport on the island of Barbados, the Grantley Adams.  It's actually a fairly modern airport (see picture below) that has won a few awards on that basis.  It was built on the Southeast area of the Island of Barbados.  For tourist traveling there, know that you will need to pass thru customs and the immigration area when upon arriving.  The airport in Barbados operates several airlines.  These include Air Canada, American, BMI, British Airways, Caribbean Airlines, Condor, Jetblue, LIAT, US Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and WestJet.

Sir Grantley Adams Int Airport, Barbados-01

One interesting thing to see at the Barbados Airport is a retired Concorde Airplane.  The Concorde line was retired in 2003, and the Barbados Airport has one from the British Airways on display here.

Barbados Airport Car Rental.....

Rental car companies available at the Barbados Airport include:

  •     Stoutes  
  •     Drive-A-Matic
  •     Dollar (A meet and greet arrangement within the airport)

There may be more in the future, but this is the list currently established at the airport.  All of these are good companies and each company will be very competitive.  Use our booking engine to find the best price and you'll be fine with any of them.

Remember that in Barbados, they do indeed drive on the left side of the road.  Some say that you need to be a pretty good driver to drive a rented automobile in Barbados.  Others say that once you get used to driving on the left side, there's really not much difference in driving in Barbados vs. driving anywhere else.  

The, the island is pretty good size, and if you want to see it all, there really isn't another economical choice.  At least in my opinion.  There are a many, many sights on Barbados (at least when compared to a lot of other Caribbean destinations) and they are spread out all over the island.

Much of this decision (to rent or not to rent) depends on what you are planning.  If you desire to stay on the resort the entire trip, you may not want to get out and drive around.  However, if you're plan is to "see Barbados", you will most likely want a rental car.  On a side note, please check out the zoo.  Many folks rave about the setup they have there.

Barbados Airport Amenities.....

There are actually two different duty-free shops within the Barbados Airport.  One sits in the Arrivals Terminal for incoming passengers, and one in the Departures area of the airport.  Among those things sold at these shops include liquor, tobacco, perfumes, books and local souvenirs.  Restaurants situated inside the Barbados Airport include fast food and Caribbean food as well.  


Barbados Airport 2

Barbados Car Rental Driving Distances.....

For folks wanting to know how far it is from the Barbados Airport to other locations around the island, we have included some driving distances.  These distances are only estimates, so reserving a GPS when booking your rental vehicle might be a good idea.  All distances are from the airport.  The island of Barbados has a pretty good system of roads that spider throughout the entire island.  Normal speed limits are set at 60 kilometers per hour, and traffic drives on the left hand side of the road.  

Benthams, Barbados 35 km.
Greenland, Barbados, 35 km.
Bridgetown, Barbados 16 km.
Hothersal, Barbados, 18 km.
Golden Grove, Barbados 12 km.

Barbados Car Rental Types.....

Use our booking engine above to check car types available when traveling in the wonderful island of Barbados.  Generally, all vehicles available anywhere are available here.  Whether it's an SUV, compact, or minivan you should get the best deal around at Eurocar Rental.

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