Bangor Airport Car Rental

Bangor International Airport Background…

Bangor International was started by Edward Godfrey as Godfrey Field in the early 1920s. It served as a practice landing field for the United States Army Air Force and as a privatized airport for early aircraft commerce and private aircraft operations. In 1931, the airport started providing its first regularly scheduled passenger services to Portland and Boston via Boston-Maine Airways. In 1937 it was one of the first airports to be equipped with floodlights that were used to enable night flight landings.

During World War II Godfrey Field was taken over by the United States Army Air Corps and was renamed Bangor Army Air Field. It served in the military as Dow Air Force Base throughout World War II and all the way until it was deemed a surplus and handed by to local civilian authorities in 1968. One year later, Bangor International Airport opened its doors and has been serving the area ever since. Today it serves about half a million passengers each year.

Bangor Airport

Bangor International Airport Car Rentals…

There are five national car rental companies that offer their services to passengers at Bangor International Airport every day. Your choices are Avis, Alamo, Budget, Hertz, and National. The rental car counters can be found in the baggage claim area of the main terminal. If you’re having a hard time finding the rental car company you’re looking for, consult a nearby directory or ask an airport employee for assistance.

All of the vehicles are situated right on the airport premises.  Simply walk out of the front of the terminal after checking in with your agent, and cross the road.  You will see a large, multi-story hotel right across from the road.  The rental car parking area will be to the right of it.  Walk across the road and pick up your vehicle, and you’re good to go.

Bangor Airport to Bangor Downtown Directions…

Any of the exits will work, just make sure you turn right on Union St. Follow the road for a couple miles and you’ll go from the airport to downtown Bangor in no time.

The I-95 on-ramp you come across on your way towards downtown will give you a few other choices to consider. You could take either direction on the interstate to one of the smaller towns around Bangor. Orono, Old Town, Hudson, and Lincoln are all located to the north, while Etna, Dixmont, Newport, and Pittsfield are all located just south. If you continue along I-95 South for a few hours you’ll end in Portland, Maine. A little bit further and you’ll have made it all the way to Boston.

Maine State Route 222

Bangor Airport Car Rental Return…

You’ll have to take Union St to get back to the airport no matter which direction you come back from. On Union St you’ll pass quite a few gas stations that will make refueling your vehicle before you return it a cinch. If you’d like some other choices you can exit from I-95 onto Hammond St or Broadway and refuel at one of the various gas stations located just off the exits. While taking the interstate back to Union St and choosing one of the alternative options is probably your quickest route, you can take Hammond St to Union St and Broadway to Hammond St instead of getting back onto the interstate.

Remember that when returning the rental, you will drive past the large Sheraton Hotel across from the terminal and turn left just after it.  Follow the little blue directions signs and put your vehicle right back in the lot from which you picked it up originally.  Should you have any problems, call your car rental agent for directions.

Other Airport Amenities…

Bangor International offers free Wi-Fi that can be used throughout the terminal and the gates. It also has a KidsZone that can be used to keep your children entertained while you wait for your plane to arrive or for your ride from the airport to show. There are also a few restaurants and retail shops scattered throughout the terminal to keep adults mildly entertained as they wait as well. You could sort of call it an AdultsZone.

Other Car Rental Options at Bangor International Airport…

While only five of the big eight car rental companies operate out of Bangor International, they do a good job of making sure all bases are covered. You’ll be able to rent any type of vehicle you want even if you want last minute. However, you may not get the exact model you’re looking for and the price will be astronomical compared to what it could have been if you’d just made a reservation ahead of time. An old school solution, I know, but if you want the perfect vehicle for a reasonable price then you’re going to have to call ahead.
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