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Driving a Rental Car in Balerus

Belarus was originally part of the Soviet Union, known as the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic. On July 27th, 1990, Belarus declared its sovereignty and became its own nation. While it still clings on to the Soviet Union’s way of life and Russian dependence, Belarus contains some of the most historically significant lands in the world. It was largely involved in World War II, when the country lost more than a third of its population and over half of its economic resources. However, Belarus continues to grow to this day and sees a regular amount of profits from year-round tourists. Those looking to enter Belarus and go exploring the country on their own should take the following information into account when attempting to obtain a Belarusian visa and drive around the country.

The first step to visiting just about any foreign country is to obtain a visa. There are numerous ways to achieve this goal; however it is worth mentioning that citizens of Cuba, Macedonia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Korea, Serbia, CIS, Montenegro, and people who hold diplomatic passports are not required to have a visa in order to gain entry into Belarus. For those who don’t qualify under one of the aforementioned exemptions, the most common method by which a Belarusian visa is issued is through a Belarusian embassy or consulate within five business days. In many cases, you can rush your visa application process by paying double the fee, but it will still take a minimum of forty-eight hours. Most single visas, both private and business oriented, cost between forty and eighty U.S. dollars.

Once you get through the visa application process, which could ask for various requirements depending on how you choose to apply for your visa, you’re going to want to rent a car to get around in. Keep in mind, Belarus is a right side drive country. Anyone used to driving on the left side of the road should be mindful at all times while driving; it can be a rather disorienting experience to get used to.

Speed limits in neighborhood and densely populated areas are around sixty kilometers per hour, drivers in non-densely populated areas are allowed to drive up to speeds of ninety kilometers per hour, and the maximum speed allowed on motorways is one hundred and ten kilometers per hour. For those used to miles per hour, one hundred and ten kilometers per hour is equivalent to seventy miles per hour, meaning its suggestible not to go over seventy at any given time. Also, the BAC, blood alcohol content, level allowed for drivers in Belarus is zero. If there is any trace of alcohol in your system when you’re pulled over, you’re likely to end up with a large fine, a loss of your license, or even imprisonment.

You also need to make sure you purchase some form of insurance when you pay for your rental. If you have international insurance, call your insurer to see what your limitations are concerning Belarus. If you plan on driving in Belarus for more than three months, you’ll need to obtain a Belarusian license since international licenses are only good for so long. Lastly, most of the traffic signs are in Cyrillic script only. If you can’t read the language, pick up a traffic sign translator brochure or translation dictionary of some kind and make note of what all the common traffic signs mean. Keep all this information in mind and you’ll have no problem getting into and traversing Belarus with ease.

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