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Airport Basics.....

In 1932 a flight arrived from London, an aircraft called "Hannibal."  It carried only 24 passengers, but took many days to arrive, given that it flew at speeds around 100 miles per hour.  Of course the passengers were exposed to several stops for refueling and sleep, but the plane finally landed at what would become the Bahrain International Airport.


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A universally recognized airport and major hub for the Middle East is the Bahrain International Airport.  The airport is situated in what is referred to as the "Northern Gulf".  The airport serves passengers, primarily, between the markets of Saudi Arabia and Iran.  It also serves the rest of the world with both international and domestic flights all over the globe.  The Bahrain Airport currently serves about 9 to 10 million passengers per year.

Car Rentals at the Bahrain Airport.....

There are several rental car companies that set up shop within the airport.  These currently include Budget, Europcar, Hanco, Hertz, Oscar, National, Avis and Sixt, among a few others.  Each of these car rental companies have a history of quality performance at a reasonable (and sometimes cheap) cost.  Each will provide you a fantastic way to visit Bahrain in your own automobile.  All rental car desks are located very conveniently at the public arrivals concourse on the first floor of the terminal.

Many types of cars are available including compact, standard, SUV, full size and even minivans Bahrain car rentals.  Depending on what you want to do with your Bahrain rental car, you will find the type of car that you're looking for.

Other Airport Amenities.....

At the airport, you will find a banking services including the National Bank of Bahrain, the Ahli United Bank, and the Bahrain Financing Company.  Travelex also offers currency exchange at or near five locations within the airport.  24-hour money exchange service is available.  ATM's are situated in several areas as well.  Another nice, but somewhat unusual, is the option to take a shower in the airport.  I've never done this before in any airport, but it does seem as though it could've been a possibility in certain situations.  For example, in layover situations, one could make a case for a good shower.

Car Rental Driving Distances.....

We have listed some driving distances for passengers coming out of the airport with their newly rented rental car.  Here are a few:

Bahrain Airport to Al-Muharraq, 5 Miles.
Bahrain Airport to Downtown Manama, 9 Miles
Bahrain Airport to Sanabis, 11 Miles
Bahrain Airport to Karbabad, 12 Miles
Bahrain Airport to Meqsha, 13 Miles
Bahrain Airport to Shakhura, 15 Miles
Bahrain Airport to Bu Quwah 16 Miles
Bahrain Airport to Boori, 22 Miles

Bahrain is a growing airport and offers a great opportunity for car rental passengers to explore the Middle East in their own way.  Use the Eurocar Rental booking engine to find the very best deal for Bahrain Airport car hire.

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