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Azerbaijan is a Eurasian country next to the Caspian Sea, who borders Russia, Georgia, Armenia, and Iran. It is generally accepted to be the Muslim-majority nation with the highest support for secularism and tolerance, primarily because it was the first Muslim-majority nation to house theaters and plays. The country first gained its independence as the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in 1918, but was brought into the Soviet Union two years later. Azerbaijan just recently regained its independence in 1991, and has been a touristic hotspot since the early 2000s.

One of the main methods of transportation most tourists use in Azerbaijan is car rental services. This is primarily due to strict visa and border vehicle importation regulations. If you wish to drive into Azerbaijan with your own vehicle, and stay for more than 72 hours, then you will be forced to pay a hefty deposit upon entry that is typically more than a few thousand U.S. dollars. You can get your deposit back, but only if you leave through the same route you used to get in. All in all, you’ll save yourself a lot of time, money, and hassle by simply flying into Azerbaijan and renting a car for the duration of your stay. Remember to get your visa before arriving too. Visas are not currently attainable at Azerbaijan airports.

So, what should you do once you’ve gotten through all the check points and rented your car? Whatever you want to do! Although having a game plan never hurt. There is a lot of history and beautiful scenery in the lands within the Azerbaijan border. Let’s take a look at a tour route you may be interested in.

This route is an example of a weeklong vacation that optimizes your sightseeing opportunities, using Baku, the nation’s capital, as a focal point since you’ll likely be flying in at Baku’s international airport.

Day One: Arrival at Baku Airport. Nothing more is planned on this day other than arriving and checking into your hotel in Baku. Feel free to walk around the capital and get a first taste of the nation as you rest a bit after your flight.

Day Two: Tour Baku. Visit the old city, Shirvan Shach palace, and go to the open-air museum in Gobustan. You’ll stay in the same hotel you were in on Day one tonight.

Day Three: Go to Ashkheron. Visit the Temple of Mardakhani and Romani, and the Mukhtarov Mosque. Travel back to your hotel in Baku for the night.

Day Four: Travel to Gabala, going through Shemakha and Lagidji along the way. Stay at a hotel in Gabala at night.

Day Five: Travel to Sheki Town. During your stay, visit The Palace of the Khans of Sheki, the Kish settlement and check out the Art Museum. Stay in Sheki for the night.

Day Six: Visit the ruins of Albania, the old capital city of Azerbaijan, and the country’s History Museum. Drive back to Baku.

Day Seven: Return your rental car and head back to the Baku airport.

You can elongate or shorten your vacation easily using this as a template or make your own route. You can plan all you want, but leave time to explore unexpected sights during your stay. You never know what you may find interesting during a car ride through Azerbaijan.

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