Atocha Train Station Car Rental

Atocha Train Station Basics.....

Built in 1851, the Atocha Train Station is easily the largest train station in Madrid.  The station is located right in the heart of Madrid and is about a 3-hour trip to the Barcelona Sants Train Station.  

Atocha Train Station
Madrid Atocha Train Station Car Rental.....

Several car rental companies have set up shop at the Madrid station, including Hertz, Avis, Europcar, and National.  Car rental companies like PepeCar and Sixt also have locations very near the airport and may offer prices that are less than those that are situated on the station itself.  Use our booking engine above to see the absolute, cheapest cost on renting a car at the Atocha Station.

To get to the on-site car rental companies from the larger, older terminal area, follow signs to the car rental park (P2 and P3).  The car rental companies will be situated near the information desk.  Locate your rental vehicle outside in the covered parking area, and drive up the hill to leave the parking area.  You will need to turn right at the top of the hill and merge into one-way traffic to your right.

Returning Your Vehicle Back to the Atocha Station.....

Getting your rental car back to the station is generally pretty easy.  The car rental parking area is located to the Southeast of the main terminal - near the large clock, the baby-heads, and the large round, brown-pillared building near the traffic circle that forms the beginning of Ciudad de Barclona and Paseo de la Infanta Isabel.  Simply drive your vehicle down the ramp (smallish, green signs will be posted directing you with the car rental companies' names on them).  You should see a stoplight at the top of the hill before traveling down.

One note, however on this return.  If you're driving a Sixt or Pepecar rental car, you will need to return your vehicle to a different location.  The Sixt and Pepecar pickup and drop-off location is on Ronda de Atocha 12 road - just West of the station.  There is a parking garage area named Ruiz that sits on the North side of Ronda de Atocha 12.  The Sixt agent is located on the other side of the road and towards the station.  The Pepecar agent is located on the same side of the road as the Ruiz parking garage, just a couple of doors down from it.

Fuel Policy and Service Stations Near the Atocha Station.....

Although the country of Spain is notorious for their 'full-empty' car rental fuel policies, most (if not all) rental car companies operate on the traditional 'full-full' fuel policy.  The difference is that if you hire a car with a 'full-full' policy, you will pick up the vehicle with a full tank and you should return it full as well - differing in that with a 'full-empty' policy where you are encouraged to drive on fumes before returning your vehicle.

A great place to fill up your tank before finally returning the rental back to the station parking area is right near the station.  You may have noticed when leaving the station with your rental vehicle that there is a Respol fueling station within a hundred meters of the rental car entrance area.  Simply swing around, fill up your vehicle, and return it to the Atocha parking area.

Restaurants Near the Atocha Station.....

If you find yourself hungry (and have enough time) at the Atocha Station, you might check out the Bogedas Rosell.  Located South of the station - and to the left of Calle de Mendez Alvaro, the Bogedas Rosell serves some pretty tasty food.  The serves sausages, meats and fishes, tapas and toasts, and other Spanish delicacies.  The Bogedas Rosell has a great wine choices as well.  Check it out!

Bodegas Rosell

Other Atocha Station Car Rental Considerations.....

Generally speaking, car rentals can be pretty cheap in Spain.  But, as with all countries, you'll find that train stations and airports always offer rental car at prices that are 20-30% higher than at other locations.  But, the convenience can be worth it - especially for rentals that just last a couple of days.  Driving a rental car in Madrid can be done, but it's not easy.  Take your time, watch for signs and yield for everyone.  

Finally, we want to thank you for visiting our site.  We hope you learned something about renting a car at the Atocha Train Station!

Source: Atocha Train Station Wikipedia

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