Asturias Airport Car Rental

Airport Basics.....

The Asturias airport is situated in the Spanish area of Castrillon, and may be reached by the N-632 National Highway, or by the A-8 motorway.  The airport runs between 1 and 2 million passengers annually, mostly domestic flights to other areas in Spain.  The Bay of Biscay sits to the North a couple of Kilometers to the North and Aviles sits about 4 Kilometers to the East of the airport.

Aeropuerto de Ranón, desde el aire

The Asturias region is known for a couple of things. First, its cheese (it is sometimes referred to as the "land of cheeses") and it's soup, called "fabada asturiana".  This soup is typically made from white beans, pork shoulder, chorizo and black pudding.  For those who don't know what black pudding is, think of a sausage-shaped meat, made primarily of blood and some sort of filler used to help thicken and congeal the blood.


Fabada Asturiana

Asturias Airport Car Rental.....

Once at the airport, you will find three different car rental companies there.  Atesa, Avis and Europcar each service thousands of car rental customers every year.  Check in with your pre-booked rental car and be prepared to show them drivers license, passports any other documents that you can think of.  After checking out and getting in your vehicle, you will exit on the 'autovia de acceso al aeropuerto', which translates into English 'airport access highway'.  This road will eventually take you to round-a-bout which will offer three choices:

  • Left: E-70 or A-8 East to Aviles and Oviedo.  The A-8 Motorway is actually a very nice drive on a 4-lane, divided highway.
  • Right: E-70 or A-8 West to Soto or A Coruno.
  • Straight: National Highway N-632 to Aviles or A Coruna

Approaching with your rental car back into the airport facility is not difficult, regardless of the direction form which you're coming.  Blue signs are overhead with the word 'aeropuerto', or 'airport' well stated.  On occasion, look for little yellow signs about four or five feet tall that point to the airport.

Airport Amenities.....

This is not an airport that will overwhelm you with things to do and places to eat.  But, you will find you can do here what you can do at much larger airports.  You just won't have as many choices.  For example, there are only three eating establishments currently.  Caffricio, a coffee shop, provides the caffeine.  Cafeteria Europa and Meal O'Clock provide the food.  That's about it.


Landing in Asturias Airport

Shopping can be done thru the airport retail outlet called Divers.  Typical airport items, such as t-shirts and coffee cups populate the place.  There is a primary information desk that helps passengers with airport questions they may have, and there is a local chamber of commerce information desk that will help folks with questions regarding the area of Northers Spain.

Hotels Near the Airport.....

Although there are several hotels within 10 km from the airport, we wanted to write on the nearest.  The closes hotel to the Asturias Airport is the Marques De La Moral.  Having never been there, I can't give a review on the place (other than what can be researched).  I do know that it is about 5 km from the airport.  To get there, take the Ctra Aeropuerto, or Airport Road.  Turn left at towards Av Federico Fernández Trapa.  Follow the road for about 3 km.  The hotel is on the right.

Car Rental Driving Distances.....

Depending on where you're driving your newly hired car, we have listed some local areas and the distances that it takes to get to them.  The below distances are estimates only, and if you're needing exact driving distances, you might want to reserve a GPS when booking your car.  All distances are from the airport.

Bay of Biscay, 1 km.
Avilés, Spain, 10 km.
Muros de Nalón, Spain 13 km.
Cudillero, Spain, 25 km.
Gijón, Spain, 37 km.
Gozón, Spain, 27 km.
Oviedo, Spain, 43 km.
A Coruña, España 253 km.
Leon, Spain 168 km.
Santander, Spain 214 km.

Types of Vehicles Available from the Asturias Airport.....

Generally, every type of vehicle available from any airport is also available here.  SUV's, luxury cars, and 7-passenger vans are all hired out of this airport.  Use our handy booking engine to see exactly what's available - at what price.  Book a Asturias airport car rental today!

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