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Asheville Regional Airport Background…

Research into the location that would one day become the Asheville Regional Airport began back in 1925. It took the city three years to find and break ground on a suitable location. Everything ran smoothly throughout the 1930s, and then the United States Army Corps took over the airport during World War II. During their occupation, the military built three four thousand foot runways, a fire station and a control tower. In 1947 the airport was given back to the City of Asheville and Henderson County.

The airport was moved and its name changed to what it is today in 1961 when it was built on seven hundred and forty acres with a sixty-five hundred foot runway. The first major upgrade happened in 1980 when the baggage claim area was tripled in size while the rest of the airport was doubled and the runway was expanded to eight thousand feet. Since 1980 the airport has seen numerous expansions in efforts to accommodate the increasing number of passengers each year, which is up to about seven hundred and fifty thousand.

Asheville Airport

Asheville Regional Airport Car Rentals…

There are six car rental companies available on-site and three off-site. You can reach Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, National, and Hertz near the baggage claim area. The three off-site rental companies are Dollar, Thrifty, and U-Save. You can reach all three by making use of their free shuttle services. Just use the courtesy phones in the baggage claim area or ask an employee if they could direct you to where the shuttle stop at the airport resides.

The on-site rental car park is situated just to the West of the terminal – adjacent to the terminal itself.  For those folks that don’t know what that means, simply walk out of the front of the terminal, and turn to your right.  The car park will be within a few meters of the exit. Find your rental car and you’re good to go!

Asheville Airport to Asheville Downtown Directions…

The airport is located quite a ways south of the City of Asheville in Fletcher, North Carolina. To get to Asheville you’ll have to first get onto I -26 north. To do that from one of the on-site car rental companies you’ll have to follow Terminal Dr out of the airport and then turn left onto Airport Road (there will be a little sign pointing left towards I-26, so follow it). 

After driving up Airport Road over the top of I-26, you’ll come to a stop and have the option to take the left and ramp onto I-26.  Do this and drive about 9 miles until you veer right onto Asheville/Interstate 240.  Signs will be posted early and clearly.  Take 240 into Asheville.

If you’re looking for some decent pizza before heading into the city of Asheville, you might try Acropolis Pizza.  They are situated on Airport road.  Instead of turning off for I-26, stay on Airport Road for another mile or so until you get to a green-roofed shopping plaza on the left-hand side.  The pizzeria sits in the middle.  They serve some pretty tasty pizza and the service can’t be beat.

Acropolis Pizza
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Asheville Airport Car Rental Return…

Most airports around small towns don’t usually have many gas stations to choose from. While this is the case for Asheville Regional Airport, the gas stations you can choose from aren’t inconveniently spread out. In fact, they are all located on Airport Road. Simply take the I-26 Airport Road exit and go either left or right. The airport is located to the right, but you’ll find a BP to the left as opposed to the local alternatives you’ll run into to the right. Once you’ve filled up your vehicle you can take it back to Airport Park Rd if you used an off-site rental car company or continue straight on Airport Rd until you can take a slight right onto Terminal Dr.

After fueling up, simply reverse the above directions (from the airport to Asheville) and travel back.  Drive into the airport area, past the terminal, and park you vehicle to the right, at the same place you picked it up.

Other Car Rental Options at Asheville Regional Airport…

Asheville is a huge place, and traveling so far from the airport can get you lost. A GPS system can save you time and money by ensuring you don’t waste any time ever going the wrong way or taking the elongated route to your destination by mistake. Why buy a GPS addition when you have GPD on your phone? The GPS on your phone does not update according to minute-to-minute traffic. Satellite GPS systems have the ability to use real time data to steer you around traffic jams and construction to get you to your destination quickly no matter what stands in your way. You can reserve a GPS system along with your vehicle at any given time. I suggest you reserve both right away.
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