Angelholm Airport Car Rental

Angelholm-Helsingborg Airport Background…

It all started back in 1945, when the airport was built as a military airbase. For the first fifteen years of its life the airport only served the military personnel on base. In 1960, it opened its runways to civilian flights and was a joint military-civilian airport until 2002. Now it primarily serves domestic travel in Sweden.

Most of the passengers flying from the airport are traveling to Stockholm. There are four regular flights that take off and land at the airport all year long. Three of them fly to Stockholm, the fourth flies to Visby. Seasonal flights come from all over, a few of which are even international in origin. However, only about seven thousand of the four hundred thousand annual passengers are international.

The airport is considered the third busiest in south Sweden and the tenth busiest in the entire country. It serves the two cities for which it is named after and continues to grow along with the region it supports.

Ängelholms flygplats

Angelholm-Helsingborg Airport Car Rentals…

The airport offers four car rental companies to its passengers from the time the first flight arrives each day to whenever the final arrival lands. You can find all four counters within the arrivals area of the terminal. If you’re having a hard time locating the rental company you like most simply find a directory or ask a nearby employee for assistance.

The four companies you can choose from are Avis, Hertz, Europcar and Sixt. Once you’ve received the keys to your vehicle from whichever company you choose, you’ll be directed to the designated parking space in the rental lot just outside the terminal where you can find your vehicle. Make sure the car has the correct amount of fuel and no dings or dents and you’ll be ready to start your Swedish vacation. In fact, we generally recommend that you snap a couple of pictures (and possibly even a video if you have time) of the rental before leaving.  This might solve any confusion that could arise at the return of the rental.

Angelholm Airport Car Rental Directions…

As I said before, the airport regionally known for two cities and services each accordingly. We’ll cover directions for both cities just to ensure either route is covered for your needs, starting with Angelholm since it is the closer of the two. You’ll begin your journey by exiting the airport via the only entrance or exit available to you and turning right onto Margretetorpsvagen when the road ends. You’ll follow the road for about four and a half kilometers before it turns into Kristian II:s vag. Continue down the road for a kilometer until you reach the corner where it intersects with Skolgatan. Turn right, then left onto Ostergatan and you’ll find yourself in the heart of Angelholm.

Directions to Helsingborg…

Helsingborg is located further south from the airport than Angelholm and takes about thirty minutes to get to. Take the same directions as above, however instead of continuing straight through the roundabout on Margretetorpsvagen you’ll need to take the third exit onto Kungsgardsleden. Follow it until you reach another roundabout and take the third exit onto Kllppanvagen. Soon after taking the roundabout exit you’ll be able to take the on-ramp up to E20/E6 and follow the highway for a bit more than twenty kilometers. Merge onto 30-Trafikplats Kropp, follow the signs to Helsingborg and you’ll be there in no time.

Angelholm Airport Car Rental Return…

Refueling is a pain made easier by the use of a GPS system or by stopping and asking locals for tips. The closest gas station that we know if coming out of the city area of Angelholm.  You will find a Statoil gas station on the left-hand side of the road.  The address of the station is Kristian II:s väg SE-262 34 Ängelholm.  I’m not sure if the GPS will pick that up, but it’s worth a shot. If you wish to use something other than OKQ8 or want to find a closer gas station then you’ll have to go searching on your own and hope something local has opened since this article was written.

Statoil Gas Station Traveling Back to the Airport
Courtesy of Google Street View
Other Car Rental Options at Angelholm-Helsingborg Airport…

Your options include everything you could typically expect to find at a Swedish airport. All the usual culprits are accounted for and offer their traditional range of vehicles. You can expect to find whatever you want, just make sure you place a reservation as far in advance as possible or else you’re no likely to get your first choice.

If you want something specific then it would behoove you to place your reservation even further in advance. A company may be able to specially ship your car from elsewhere. You also should consider grabbing a GPS system while you’re at it. 
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