Falconara Airport Car Rental

Falconara Airport Basics…

The Ancona Falconara Airport serves around 600,000 passengers per year – both coming and going into the area.  The airport is situated just a couple of km’s from the Adriatic Sea coastline and about 20 km’s to the west of the city of Ancona itself.

The airport offers a great place to land for tourists wanting to visit the area – but also serves many of the locals who are wanting to travel out on business or other reasons as well. 

Waiting for Ryanair

Ancona Airport Car Rental…

There are currently seven car rental companies that set up shop at the Ancona Airport.  These include Autoeuropa, Sixt, Maggiore, Hertz, Europcar, Avis, and Autonoleggio Magellano.  Each rental car company desk is situated at the southernmost area of the terminal.  When you get off your airplane and get your bags, you will travel to the southern corner of the terminal where the rental car desks are situated.

After speaking with your agent (and getting your rental keys), walk out of the nearest exit and turn right (if walking out of the front of the terminal).  The rental car parking lot will be situated adjacent to the terminal – easily within a 25 meter walk – if that much.  The lot is actually situated between the terminal and the new multi-level parking garage, and the little rental car company signs are posted all over the place letting you know exactly where your car is.  Take a couple of pictures and you’re good to go.

Ancona Airport Directions to Ancona…

As you leave, hop on the higher road that runs to the west – not the one that goes to the parking garage, but the newer road that elevates quickly over the bridge.  Within a little over 1 km, you will see the overhead blue sign directing you to Ancona.  Follow the sign, go left at the fork and then quickly stay right.  Very quickly you will encounter a roundabout, and you should veer right onto SS76.  Congratulations, you just completed the most difficult part of the trip to the city.

Drive about 3.5 km and exit right towards Ancona (again watch for blue signs directing you onward).  Drive about 5.5 km until you come to an overpass above you where you will see two more blue signs.  Stay right towards Ancona.  Go left to Pescara.  You will circle around a few hundred meters and eventually merge into the Via Metauro.  Drive about 500 meters and go thru a roundabout (2nd exit) and then drive a few hundred meters more where you will ‘T’ into Via Flaminia near the coastline of the sea.  Turn right and travel down the coastline on Via Flaminia into the downtown area.

Ancona Airport Car Rental Return…

When driving back to the airport, we generally recommend that you reverse the directions.  This isn’t quite as easy here, but it’s not exactly difficult either.  You probably noticed that signs were well-placed and easy to read – as long as you drive slowly.

Before returning to the airport, you should fill up the tank.  There isn’t much to choose from near the airport (at least as far as we know), so you should probably consider something close to the coastal area.  In fact, there is an ERG Gas Station just after you turn off of Via Flaminia and onto Via Conca.  The ERG Station is actually positioned with two stations – one on each corner making it easy to get in and out of.

Two Gas Stations on the Corner of Via Conca and Via Flaminia

Hotels Near the Ancona Airport…

There aren’t too many places to stay near the Ancona Airport.  So, why not just get the best place you can get while in the area?  For that, we recommend the Grand Hotel Passetto.  This is a four-star hotel with reasonable pricing.  In not too many cases can you pick up a four-star hotel for less than 100 EUR.  You can’t do that every time here, but there are times where you can.  The address of the hotel is Via Thaon De Revel 1, 60124 Ancona for you GPS’ers.  It is situated very closely to the middle of the downtown area.  Most folks report an outstanding breakfast – and a beautiful view into the Adriatic Sea.

Finally, we want to thank you for visiting our car rental site.  We hope you learned a little about renting a car in the Ancona area.  Use our contact link above and let us know if you have any questions at all.  We pride outselves on being pretty quick to answer.
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