Alicante Airport Car Rental

Airport Basics.....

Alicante Airport, is the 6th busiest airport in Spain, and the primary facility used in the Province of Alicante. The airport is located a little over five miles southwest of Alicante and about six miles east Elche in the coast of the Mediterranean. The largest percentage of passengers fly international, estimating about 80% of all flights.  In 2010, Alicante Airport processed over 9 million passengers, and that number is expected to increase for 2011 and beyond.



In March 2011, a brand new terminal area of the Alicante airport was opened, and the old terminal Terminals 1 and 2 are now closed.  The future use of the older terminals is still uncertain, however all flights are now departing and arriving using the new terminal, which has been named Terminal L (as the new terminal is an L-shaped facility).  The new terminal is roughly six times the size of the older terminals combined.

Alicante Airport Rental Car Contact Information.....

The Alicante airport now offers nine car rental companies that compete for your business.  The names of those (along with the phone/fax numbers) of those rental car companies are:

Telephone:    965 687 918
General information and bookings telephone number:    952 176 486
Fax:    965 687 919

Telephone:    965 682 779
General information and bookings telephone number:    902 135 531
Fax:    966 919 204

Telephone:    965 681 092
General information and bookings telephone number:    902 104 103
Fax:    965 860 076

Telephone:    965 684 854
Central offices telephone number:    965 982 218
General information and bookings telephone number:    902 105 030
Fax:    965 682 640

Telephone:    965 683 362
General information and bookings telephone number:    902 119 726
Fax:    965 689 147

Telephone:    965 683 362
General information and bookings telephone number:    902 119 726
Fax:    965 689 147

Telephone:    965 682 526
General information and bookings telephone number:    902 100 101
Fax:    965 682 993

Telephone:    966 919 016
General information and bookings telephone number:    902 123 002
Fax:    965 687 049

Customer assistance:    902 107 326
General information and bookings telephone number:    902 491 616

Location of Rental Cars at the Alicante Airport...

Cars are parked on the airport premises, so you won't need a shuttle or a long walk to get to them.  When you pick up your keys from the agent, simply make sure of the exact location of your rental.  Once you find your car, take a few pictures and you're good to go.

Driving Directions From the Airport.....

Getting out of the Alicante airport in a rental car is not difficult.  To get to the town of Alicante, you will take a small exit road north until you merge into N-338.  You'll notice that while driving on Highway N-338, there is a lot of undeveloped, barren land.  So, the drive is far from exciting.  You should see several car lots - either new cars or rental car lots.  Oddly, the cars are mostly parked on the barren earth, with few (although some) concrete or asphalt parking lots on which to park cars. 

Much of N-338 heading East is a three-lane.  Two lanes going back West to the airport, while drivers going towards Alicante must use the single one-lane.  Hopefully, you're not behind slower traffic as you get away from the airport.  The speed limit goes from 60 km to 40 km as you approach a round-a-bout, about 2 or 3 km's from the airport, heading East.  After going thru the round-a-bout, you will have about 8 km's left to get to the city.  You are now on N-332, a two-lane highway.  You will then come to your second round-a-bout, and you should go right thru the middle of it.  To your right, you will now be able to see the Mediterranean Sea.  You soon arrive at Alicante!

Be careful of speed limits when driving in Alicante.  Upper speed limits have been reduced since the Libyan oil crisis, in an effort to conserve fuel.  Lower speed limits have not been reduced, as of yet.  If you do get pulled over and get ticketed by Police, you will need to pay the fine immediately.  If you have no cash on your person, the local police will follow you to the local ATM as you withdraw the needed funds.


20070520 road sign: speed limit

Returning Your Rental Car.....

When driving your rental car back to the airport, you will generally reverse the directions from the airport.  As you approach the airport, you will exit off of N-338.  Look for signs as you approach, you can't miss it.

An important note here...private vehicles are not allowed admission to the terminal area.  If you do enter into the terminal in a private vehicle (that is your own), you'll have to get to the terminal from the "car park" building area.

Driving Distances From the Airport.....

After renting a car at the Alicante Airport, most folks naturally head Northeast to Alicante or El Campello, or West to Elche.  So, we have compiled a list of driving distances to help all drivers get an idea of how long it might take to get from the Airport to a nearby city or attraction.  These are only estimates, and if you're looking for exact driving distances, you might want to reserve a GPS when booking your car out of the airport.

Alicante Airport to Downtown Alicante, 12 km
Alicante Airport to Benidorm: 59 km.
Alicante Airport to Albacete: 175 km.
Alicante Airport to Murcia: 75 km.
Alicante Airport to Valencia: 192 km.
Alicante Airport to Elche, 18 km
Alicante Airport to El Campello, 27 km
Alicante Airport to Villajoyosa/La Vila Joiosa, 48 km.


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Types of Cars Available for Rent at Alicante Airport.....

You will have available to you just about any type of rental vehicle.  SUV's, 7-Passenger Minivans, and Luxury cars are rented out of Alicante, in addition to the general, everyday drivers.  Rent a car at the Alicante Airport today!

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