Alghero Airport Car Rental

Airport Basics.....

Renting a car at the Alghero airport has turned into a pleasant experience for travelers over the last few years.  With lots of options via the air (RYANAIR, TUIFLY NORDIC, ALITALIA, AIRONE, AND THOMSONFLY are a few of the airlines that offer service to and from Alghero) there are many options on the ground as well.

The Alghero airport is a international airport located about 5 miles northwest of the city of Alghero.  Alghero is in Sardinia, Italy.  It is generally recognized as "Fertilia Airport", so called because of the town nearby similarly named.  The Alghero airport serves Sardinia along with two other airports, Olbia and Cagliari.  Bordering the Wester side of Alghero is the Mediterranean.  Yes, it is beautiful.




As of 2009, the Alghero Fertilia airport serviced somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.5 million passengers, a substantial increase because of the international connections added over the years.

Car Rental at the Alghero Airport.....

Hertz, Europcar, and Avis all have car rental desks located within the Airport.  These desks are well located next to the entrance/exit of the airport.  An information counter is also nearby, offering information to Alghero travelers.  On the opposite side of the car rental desk are restrooms for travelers.

A shop, bar, and bank are also located within the airport.  Some handy phone numbers for car rental companies are below.

(+39) 079 935064
Maggiore National           
(+39) 079 935045
(+39) 079 935032
(+39) 079 935054
Italy by Car/Thrifty           
(+39) 079 935188
Easy Car           
(+39) 0789 597014
Mida rent           
(+39) 079 936061
(+39) 079 935125
Am Service           
(+39) 335 6014360
Sardinia by Car           
(+39) 079 935060
(+39) 079 936059
(+39) 079 936046
Sicily by Car           
(+39) 079 936060

Leaving the Airport in Your Rental Car.....

We get many rental car customers from the Alghero Airport wanting to travel to either the town of Alghero or the town of Sassari.  So, to better serve those who are looking for adequate driving directions to either town, we have included directions to both towns.  By the way, I believe it might be a good idea to fill the vehicle with fuel before you approach the airport coming from either town - coming from either direction.  I do not know of any fueling stations near the airport.  

Sassari - When leaving the Alghero airport, you'll need to drive north on the airport road (SP44).  This road is a skinny two-lane road with trees growing up around the road.  Don't be afraid, you'll come to a "T" on this road when reaching Strada Statale.  Turn right on the Strada Statale, also known as SS291.  Take this road for about 27 km to arrive at Sassari.  For most of your journey, you will be driving on a thin, 2-lane highway with trees growing near the road.

The road does widen the closer you get to Sassari.  Watch the little blue signs as you get closer to Sassari.  Eventually, you will run into Via Preda Niedda Nord.  Follow the traffic as you enter Sassari.


Sassari square

Alghero - Turn right and go south on SP42.  The road you're on will be a skinny, two-lane road going South.  Turn left onto Viadotto Calich.  Stay right as you approach a "V".  A sign at the "V" will be marked and will say "Alghero 2 km."  Follow the signs into Alghero.

Rental Car Driving Distances.....

Although there are many attractions right in Alghero (The Andrea Jenson, Sea Kayak Sardinia Day Excursion and Azienda Agricola Leda' d'Ittiri), there are many towns nearby Alghero that are only a car rental excursion away.  Here are some distances from the airport (Remember, these are not perfect, they are only estimates....You might want to rent a GPS at the time of the car hire if you need exact distance calculations).

Alghero Airport to Alghero, 12 km.
Alghero Airport to Porto Torres, 27 km.
Alghero Airport to Stintino, 45 km.
Alghero Airport to Sassari, 30 km.
Alghero Airport to Ittiri, 38 km.
Alghero Airport to Bosa, 54 km.

Rental Vehicles Available at the Alghero Airport.....

Just about any time of vehicle can be hired at the facility. Mini's, compacts, standards/intermediates, SUV's, luxury cars and minivans or minibuses are generally available.  Sometimes the more expensive cars run out of stock, as fewer SUV's and Luxury cars (Mercedes) of them are kept on the premises.

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