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There are a lot of myths and rumors that circle the globe, concerning Albania. You’ve probably heard that the country is super-saturated with mafia crime lords from border to border, or that it is still so traditional that farmers can be seen herding sheep and cattle all across the countryside. All joking and past indiscretions aside, Albania is a small country that is starting to really come into its own. During the first quarter of 2009, when the world’s economy was in turmoil, Albania was one of only three countries that recorded economic growth. With virgin beaches and a vastly untouched countryside, Albania is a great vacation decision for people looking to experience the natural beauty of a European country unmarred by industry. Simply going for a drive in Albania is a rewarding task in and of itself, and will have you speeding to the nearest car rental establishment as soon as you cross the border.

Whether you’re looking to drive across country during your vacation or simply fly in to Albania’s international airport, you’re going to want to rent a car instead of using your own to get around. This isn’t because you have anything to be afraid of. You could drive your car around the country just fine. However, in recent years the country has cracked down on its vehicle registration policies. This is after a myriad of reported issues involving stolen vehicles being imported and freely driven around Albania. The laws governing the importation of vehicles are much stricter than ever before, in order to crack down on criminal elements, and locals are supposed to register any imported vehicles immediately, making foreign plates a target for the Albanian police force. This isn’t much of a problem for tourists who choose to drive with foreign plates though. Sure, you’ll get stopped a few times, but the Albanian police force is full of some of the nicest officers you’ll ever meet. Speeding or not, all you’re likely to get is a polite question or two and a wave onward.
Despite all the misconceptions, be careful not to run over any livestock or local farmers while competing with local residents to see who can get to their destination the fastest. Although, this speedy community is likely to die down as the country adjusts to the recent addition of the Albanian side of the Albania-Kosovo four lane highway. There are two other four lane highways to be on the lookout for during your stay, the one connecting Durres to Tirana, the Albanian capital, and Durres to Vlore.  Gas prices usually range around the European average.

If you find yourself in Tirana, keep some spare change on you. Gypsy children will heatedly compete for your window washing service at almost every standstill. If you’re only looking to go a short distance, then it is advisable to walk in order to avoid the regular bumper to bumper traffic and battle royal for parking spots while in the heart of the capital. Be sure to rent a car, a Mercedes if you don’t want to stand out much, and enjoy your time in Albania.

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