Renting a Car in Europe - Part 4
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One of the best methods of seeing the real world is to have your own transportation to travel the side roads and out-of-the-way places. Renting a car in Europe can be better than traveling with a bus full of strangers.


The Royal Palace in Stockholm Sweden has more than 600 rooms and is seven floors high. The Globen is Stockholm's globe shaped arena where many people enjoy a variety of activities. However, the small towns around this famous city are where fun and interesting things can happen. There are countless ski slopes, and a person simply must dine at the restaurants.


The Swedish cinema is widely known in the film industry, and although there are festivals here, many of the most famous movies were filmed at least in part in this Alpine country. The mountains are simply spectacular.


People who rent a car in Europe have the luxury of turning it in and taking a plane to their next destination. It is only a short air flight to Brussels Germany where additional activities can be enjoyed. Keep in mind that this is where the famous Belgian Waffles are found, along with delicious chocolates and French Fries.


Brussels has been involved in much of world history, and the entire country is filled with interesting site to see and things to do. Beer tasting and backpacking almost go hand-in-hand, and driving through the countryside is a lesson in architecture. Some of the world's most famous palaces and castles are found in this region of the globe.


From Brussels you can book a flight to another European destination, and rent a car when your plane lands. Then take your time to find out more about what is offered by talking with the locals. They can point out the most unique and interesting activities, and then enjoy a nice excursion through the old country of Europe.

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